Primavera 2018


Jlin was so good. So loud. My legs are fucked from dancing to that.


Everyone who missed Paddy Hanna should go back and #LearnMusic. Disgracefully good.


Floating Points was great. Ray Ban has zero atmosphere for DJs wish I’d just stayed across the bridge.




Also if anyone’s bringing booze onsite - they’re frisking pretty much everyone on the way in so get creative!


Big thanks for the bottle lid tip btw. I get two bottles of water when I arrive and two gin and tonics - fill one water bottle with g&t and I’m away for a bit. Last night found a great server in the vip was who’d put as much gin in a glass as I asked.

Today is a challenge.


On the subject of booze, don’t give any money to the wandering beer dispensers until they’ve poured you a satisfactory pint. ‘Perfecto beer’ my arse.


Agreed about staying over the bridge. I came over after Floating Points like you.

Going over for Gerd Janson and Hunee/Antal after Ty Seagall and staying put. Should be a treat.


Can’t wait to see The Breeders kick arse at seven.


We’re going to attempt some josh Pearson and then a sprint to breeders. May fail. Will likely fail.


Migos missed their flight (obviously), so now they’ve got Skepta playing instead. Not a bad swap.


Josh Pearson just played the most joyous and all-round brilliant set I’ve ever seen at primavera. That’ll be hard to beat.


I’d kind of phased out on him but went out of respect for my love of his older work. He was wonderful wonderful wonderful. Gf (who’s generally bored by singer songwriters) loved it too.


Full band loud versions of Last of the Country Gentlemen songs and I still get to see Lift to Experience tomorrow? Amazing.


“Slowdive are playing?!”


Yeah good swap


ALERT - there are two double dream of spring tapes on sale at the rough trade stand. they only delivered three to the festival and I just bought one of them :sunglasses:




Got one! YES! Thank you for letting me know @cj11tt.


They should just keep koze playing at 4pm every year at pitchfork stage