Primavera 2018


No idea what’s on Adidas right now but it’s a dickhead magnet


Wow, FJM is dull as. Like the “hotel check in “ song but that’s about it.


No shit


Warning: they’re not freepouring spirits by the shellac stage. The bar person just measured the amount of gin. Tell your friends. This is not a drill.


Wow. FJM was brilliant as!


Was really disappointing imo had everything EQd down 95% of the set. So “restrained”. Meh


Loved but was dancing sweaty and mashed.


Yeah we had a grand time of it. In VIP so view and sound was great.


There’s a wonderful older Spanish lady in the Primavera Pro VIP section who literally will poor the gin until you say when. Found her yesterday and have just discovered that her forthright spirit is still untarnished. A real keeper.


Berninger looks knackered. All his luggage is in Chicago, apparently. Think he might be.


If you insist.


What a gem. My kind of woman.


Yeah thought exactly the same


Very big crowd at shellac but lots of chatters especially at the back.
Thought fjm was seriously boring earlier


FUCKING Mogwai. Mate mate mate.


Rano Pano! Remurdered! Fear Satan! Best set of the festival so far!


FEAR SATAN! How many people just saw and heard that shit for the first time. Glorious.


Funny that. A couple of the guys have been here for two or three days as I’ve seen them in my hotel.


My theory is that the National were going to do an Unexpected Boxer set yesterday but losing their luggage put paid to that and they weren’t quite ready.
It’s probably balls but I’m sticking to it.


I thought the national killed it to be honest. Finishing on about today and dedicating it to Scott Hutchison was amazing. In tears for the second time this festival (first also being a dedication for Scott - twilight sad did such a great job last night)