Primavera 2018


Is that the vip bit opposite the primavera/apple stage?


Don’t regret missing Mogwai for T’National just cos I’ve seen Mogwai loads and National once at the EitS ATP, but was hoping for more than one (?) Boxer song.


Think so yes - the one on the slope!


FFS - Skepta now tomorrow. Migos dry-fucked Prima.


When did Charlotte gainsbourg get so popular?


Had to bail early, just too beat after six days of being here on the sesh. I will fuck tomorrow up, no doubt.


Mike D just did a bunch of Beastie Biys songs. Was billed as a DJ set and kind of was in places but bloody hell.


How is Tyler stealing this festival?! Wonderful wonderful positive set. Crazy crowd and what a show. Massive respect for how much he’s upped his game on the last album and his new live show. He’s gonna be huge®.


Loads more Deerhunter tapes have appeared at RT. Well, 10 copies.


Just to reiterate: this was awesome


Yessssss Mike D


Fucking hell, Confidence Man were absolutely incredible


What a day!


Bought some sewer beers on my way back didn’t I. Lost my brand new t-10 metro ticket so bought another. It was in my back pocket wasn’t it. That’s what happens when you drink spirits. Total bibble.


Seen Mogwai plenty of times but fear Satan will always sound incredible live

And they were loud as hell as usual


100% sober throughout this festival so far. Having a salad instead of a 3 cheese crepe was the worst decision I’ve made. Might go for a ramen next time.


Lost Thursday after drinking my smuggled vodka like water at the twilight sad. Much more careful last night and remember the whole evening.


Ridiculously utterly brilliant. Subtle musicianship it is not, but as entertainment maybe never bettered at Primavera.


Revolver music stores on carrer tallars just of the top of la ramblas is worth checking out. Lots of vinyl, cds,tapes and plenty of record store day stuff left still


There’s a good few great record shops on that street. Could have spent a lot of money there if I didn’t restrain myself.