Primavera 2018


My fucking head.


Flew back early today and missed The National - is the set worth grabbing a ticket to All Points East tonight?

Mogwai were fantastic, and actually enjoyed most things last night apart from getting endlessly offered drugs.


Still in bed, have been munching codeine all morning hoping for some respite. Tv’s gone off to watch the stranger than things lads. I think it might be time to eat my body weight in seafood


Gabi explains the Migos / Skepta thing:


Also, this is from efestivals. Leaving it here just in case.


Obviously bollocks!


As a side note, anyone think that the lids-off-water-bottles thing is horrificallly environmentally ignorant? I know they have sponsors to please but this seems really at odds with their right-on attitude to other things. Also, why not paper cups for the beer? Glastonbury have been doing that for years.


Most likely.


I’ve heard Pete Doherty might be pla…oh wait, wrong year


what on earth was that arca set about?


It was a lot more upbeat than I expected




Poor guy - and how are they gonna effectively fit Skepta in now?


Arca was a load of nonsense. Surprise highlight was Tyler The Creator.


2.45am SEAT stage


Secret Shellac gig by the entrance to the forum. I’m not there of course :frowning:


Yes, it always is like this unfortunately. Completely unfriendly to the environment. Speaking of the environment I think I have finally reached my limit with how much second hand smoke I can inhale. Why do people smoke ALL THE TIME