Primavera 2018


Smoking in crowds is a full-on dick move, I agree.


It’s a bit shit being asthmatic at an outdoor music festival. Getting through my inhaler faster than the Spaniards are getting through a pack of 20 Marlborough.


Lots of old blokes reliving their youth here watching matey out of the only ones. That’ll be me in 20 years watching Shellac for the 50th time here


I’m quite enjoying this. Mate who saw him recently said he encored with Another Girl…


Nearly LTE time lads


Oh yeah it was lovely. Have headed over to primavera stage now to get a good spot for lift to experience




Enjoying lift to experience from the shade of the hidden stage waiting for belly


So many Arctic Monkeys t shirts. Bodes well for Deerhunter!


Same here! Nicely positioned to enjoy both without moving.


Yep, the place is full of them! Will still be at Ray-Ban early to get up front.


Well I’m gonna buy a fender jaguar and two Marshall stacks when I get home


Lots of stag and hen dos here today. Wonder what could have attracted them?


First time I’d ever heard them and I LOVED IT.


Oh man.


RBCF. They’ve only got one song but it’s not a bad un. Think they could do quite well, never stopped Real Estate.


Watching Lift To Experience tear existence in two while the sun set was beyond wonderful.


Ariel Pink is trying very, very hard.


Hah, thought he might be. We’re up on the slope watching belly.


Are you by the edge? Might walk up and meet you! Will be in red shorts and an SF Giants baseball hat.