Primavera 2018


Shit we just left to get food!


Hahaha! I have to go and buy a t-shirt and get a drink anyway, all good!


Who said they’d stop coming when they saw a stag in a mankini cos I’ve got some bad news…


t’Arctic Monkey effect. Fwiw I’ve had a great time this year and not come across any trouble despite an increased lad quotient


Sorry for bailing there @Kallgeese - we’ll try and catch you for dead cross


All good! See you later!


Christ, I can’t get that South Park episode out of my head right now


I’m back over here in front of the primavera stage now!


FFS big jeff just came and stood right in front of me. If anyone wants me I’ll be directly behind big Jeff


AM: Wow, biggest crowd I’ve seen on Mordor, only really thins out at about level with the “Created in Barcelona” stand.


Has there been, really ?


@Kallgeese You at Rayban for DH yet?


Down in ten!


I’m in front of Lockett’s mic on the right. Woman in black top with a straw hat.


Dave Lombardo knows his way around a drum kit


Ooh, strange slayer/FNM mashup for about 15 seconds there


Slowdive were incredible…put that up there with their impromptu show at the Garage. Had a superb weekend all in all…many highlights…jon hopkins now so hoping for one last one…


Deerhunter were amazing. About to get my ears removed by Sumac now.


Fuck me Deerhunter are just always great aren’t they.


Absolutely no regrets on missing Beach House (who I’d rather see at their own show) for A$AP Rocky. Not an intelligent word in the set, not a dull moment.

Now Skepta? They’re having hell trying to clear away Rocky’s set up though…