Primavera 2018


Deerhunter and Beach House were both incredible. Just bumped into Eric Wareheim leaving Ray Ban while The Blaze were on. Shouted “HEIMY” and got a laugh out of him while he made it clear he had no intention of stopping and chatting while marching away up the steps. May have something to do with me being totally hammered off smuggled vodka idk


The run of Slowdive, Grizzly Bear and Deerhunter was sensational. Beach House was a bore-fest which I’m glad I cut short for Public Service Announcement. The Blaze were also unexpectedly great on Ray Ban to end


Still thinking about that Lift To Experience set. Fucking Hell.

Yesterday was brilliant, one of the best days I’ve had at a festival. Going to skip the Day Pro bands and go to the CCCB for Waxhatchee around five.


We might head down for that, gotta got on that sweet vermouth. My shoulder’s wrecked this morning!


Oh fuck! I was thinking about that this morning! Hope it improves during the day. You’ll definitely spot me CCCB anyway!


Is there any max capacity issues with the gigs today? Eg will I have to turn up much early for anything to get in. Mainly for Kero Kero at the Apolo!


Where’s Sala Teatre? Is that part of CCCB?


Yeah it’s usually quickly filled to capacity so get there half an hour before the first band come on to be sure of getting in.


Yeah it’s inside the actual building


Hopefully that’s the last of the rain.


Cheers, will do then!




Just back - would love to know the capacity this year (and versus the last 5/6 years) as it’s way way way too busy now. Uncomfortably so.


I think someone said they bumped it by 7000 up to 62k people this year.


It’s shitting it down out there and we’re stuck in a bar. Oh no.


Was definitely the case Saturday night. Way too many people.


Yeah, looking out the window and having a beer, contemplating how crap this could.


Who was there when Evian Christ dropped Mr Vain? :raised_hands:t2::raised_hands:t2:


Brewdog Barcelona feels and smells like a Hard Rock Cafe


They’re playing Fugazi in here now. Punk as grint