Primavera 2018


Delighted I could help out man! Great to meet you and see you next year!


Feeling quite emotional reading these comments.

What an absolutely stellar edition. Says a lot about how good the festival is at its core, that there can be definite problems (occasional sound issues on some stages, chatterers, bar queues in a few places this year etc) and yet it still triumphs magnificently over the rest.


It was a good one. Josh Pearson with and without LTE was the best musical thing of the weekend.


They need to sort out their plastic. They really need to sort out their plastic.


Aye making the festival more sustainable should be a priority before thinking of any other kinda new ventures. One area where it’s falling behind.


Heard from a few people that Koze wasn’t up to much, shame as he could have been really special.


The water tap situation is a bit ridiculous (they’re badly sign posted and easy to miss if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Also pretty sure there aren’t any on the dance side of the bridge, which is pretty daft).


Thinking about snapping up an early bird but a little bit terrifying as it’s so far in advance. Are there decent ways to resell on if I can’t go? Never had to think about it before as I’ve always bought nearer the time.


I can’t remember the details, but I believe the answer is ‘yes’.


You will easily offload your early bird through ticketswap or if the festival sells out early through the official resale portal


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5th time in a decade at Primavera. People have already covered off the gripes I have with the festival but as also has been previously said, it’s still so much better than any other big festival and I reckon people have been saying the ‘too many brits abroad’ types of things since the first one I went to in 2008.

Overall this year’s edition was brilliant, in order of appearance:
Daphni - Brilliant but clearly didn’t/couldn’t mix very well
Four Tet - Loads of fun but had to leave for…
F/E/A - Great first ‘real band’ of the festival, need to listen to them more
Ezra Furman - Lasted 3/4 songs. Not my thing.
Art Ensemble of Chicago - Enjoyable but the time for this set
Sparks - Weird pop silliness
Dustin O’Halloran / Echo Collective - This was by far my stand out of the entire festival. Absolutely lost it when one of the players had a little cry mid set.
Morphology - That Bowers and Wilkens sound system sounded incredible in this space. As did the hardware acid / electro
Nick Cave - What a stunning performance. Brilliant stuff
Chvrches - Nice to hear their new songs played out for the first time. Don’t think the new live drummer works for them but still a solid show
Four Tet - Probably should have stuck to DJing, very so-so but not actually bad
Marcel Dettmann - Yes. Lovely bit of Berlin to finish the evening

Day 2:
Stranger Things live performance thing - So good but the venue was a massive trek to get to with not much around it
Essaie Pas - Another favourite set from the weekend. Looking forward to seeing them again in a couple of weeks at Soup Kitchen
Knox Fortune - awful bad noise. Totally not my thing but group logistics meant we saw them
Mogwai - Brilliant as ever, was a shame to leave them for…
Shellac - Hadn’t seen them for a couple of editions of Primavera but really enjoyed them again
Jorja Smith - More group logistics… Not for me.
Cigarettes After Sex - Quiet but definitely need to investigate this band more, had only heard singles on 6music before
The Internet - caught the last few tracks of these while my wife queued for the toilet. Not my thing but had the crowd going and were super energetic
IDLES - The hype is real, solid performance, the Mariah Carey Singalong was funny too
Chromeo - I was properly on my arse before they started and wanted them to be shit so we could go home. Ended up dancing all the way through their set. So much party!

Day 3:
Lift To Experience - Hadn’t heard of this band until I was meeting a friend, really enjoyed the set. Going to back and listen to them some more for definite.
Ariel Pink - Just a horrible noise, sound was awful. Shame as he’s been good when seen him previously.
The Kite String Tangle - Group logistics again but total MOR electro. Dull.
Slowdive - Beautiful, absolutely beautiful
Claro Intelecto - Heads down, nonsense front row dancing for the entire set. Ace.
Oneohtrix Point Never - Was impressed with the full band set up - Last time I saw him it was just him and a laptop. Worked really well, new stuff sounding top.
Jon Hopkins - Biggest let down of the weekend for me. Relies too much on that compressed kick drum sound which becomes really apparent, when listening to him live
Beach House - Dreamy fun times that put me to sleep in a nice way

Only made Rhye on the Sunday because of the weather but enjoyed them for what they were on a Sunday.

Overall, another brilliant festival but think Porto is on the cards next year for a bit of a change. Suppose it all depends on line up’s


Was there when he played Moby’s Thousand, which was hilarious


Cor blimey gang what a festival!

Started things off with Belle and Sebastian on the Wednesday. I’m not a fan but they were poppy and fun enough to have a good time. Some of the people Stuart Murdoch got up on stage were absolutely mashed which was very amusing. Crowd insanely full of chatty Spaniards with free entry, but I find it easier to drown it out when I don’t speak the language.

Kelela was a lovely way to kick off Thursday. Some of the theatrics of Solange but stripped free of any pretensions. Great presence, great voice, absolutely ridiculous bass. Made my way over from there to Unknown Mortal Orchestra. I’d seen them just a week earlier but I still had a grand time and the crowd was really moving. Everybody Acts Crazy Nowadays is right up there for SOTY and it’s a great double-hitter with Can’t Keep Checking My Phone. I’m not especially a Bjork fan but really got in to the last 30 minutes of her set. It didn’t seem that controversial to me so I’m not sure what people at APE were disappointed at. Big voice, big sound, big theatrics, isn’t that what you want form a Bjork show?

Things get a little hazier from here. The bar queues were completely manageable so the ‘dos cervezas por favor’ kept coming. Legged it over from Bjork back to Fever Ray who was absolutely phenomenal, one of the top 3 sets of the weekend. Lights, sound, costumes, makeup, performance, bangers – it had everything. It was mad then that Vince Staples could be just as huge alone on an empty stage. Crowd absolutely went off and it didn’t relent. Caught a little bit of Nils Frahm but it really wasn’t hitting the spot especially after getting so fired up by Vince, so joined a pal over the bridge for Floating Points. He was sensational, meaning it was a real comedown to return back to Ray-Ban for Four Tet and DJ Koze who were complete damp squibs. DJ Koze was particularly disappointing because I love the new album. Regardless, it was a great first full day.

Sadly Thursday’s antics meant I didn’t muster in time for John Maus, but I have a ticket to see him next week so not too devastating. Started with Rhye who were a little unexciting but completely fine. Mogwai was hands down the best set of the festival. Volume was brilliant and they played all my favourites. Even my gf got moving for Remurdered and she wouldn’t normally touch anything post-rock. Because she came to see Mogwai I agreed to go see Jorga Smith at Bacardi. It was amusing how British her crowd was, might as well have been back in London for that hour. The Migos fuck up was a little annoying because Haim came on too late for me to see their whole set. People can be sniffy about them but I’ve never had anything but great fun watching them and dancing along. Quite enjoyed the small portion of Los Planetas beforehand, the songs remind me of Suck It And See era Arctic Monkeys.

Ty Segall demolished what was left of the Primavera stage and the crowd was going apeshit. There were so many lost phones at the end. Queue for the bridge was enormous so headed over to Omni who are still great. The crowd was clearly still fired up from Ty Segall because there was plenty of crowd surfing, and I was suprrised just how many people knew all the words. Finished off at The Black Madonna at Ray-Ban who completely showed up Four Tet and DJ Koze with wall to wall bangers.

Car Seat Headrest have come on leaps and bounds as a live band and the crowd around me loved it. I love how Will Toledo has made no attempts to improve his fashion sense. I had a brilliant time and even had a little cry during Killer Whales. Had just as good a time at Ariel Pink, most people around me seemed completely bewildered, especially in the first half with no ‘hits’. Revenge of the Iceman is a hilarious song to play when you’re trying to warm up a crowd. Got really stuck in for Time to Live which was my favourite song last year.

Grizzly Bear were good, almost too good. They’re such impressive musicians that the songs sounded exceptionally close to the studio versions and I ended up admiring the performance more than enjoying it. Arctic Monkeys were fine. I don’t do very well with huge crowds, especially rowdy ones. Had a very drunk Irish lad singing the lyrics AND the riffs in my ear. I still think Alex Turner is more aware than people give him credit for. Ended up missing Deerhunter which was devastating, but it was the last day of the festival so it would have been a little unfair to leave my gf on her own and she wanted to watch the whole thing.

Made up for it with a prime spot for A$AP Rocky who was supremely terrible and absolutely brilliant all at once. Probably the most entertained I was over the last three days. Watched Beach House from the queue to the bridge and really enjoyed them, Dive is a great song and a top closer. Finally John Talabot and Lindstrom got top marks for ending the festival with an almighty boogie.


Christ went a bit overboard here. Was a bit too knackered to focus on any real work today.

TL;DR - It was great and there was very little to complain about.


Oh yeah, I’d forgotten about that. Proper trouser-flapper, right up there with Haxan Cloak in the B&W thingy a few years back.


this bloke during gaika was taking photo’s with a proper camera of teenagers dancing, getting really close up to them. had such a pervy look on his face. slapped his clicking arm down and asked him if he had their permission. said no and tried high fiving me, shook my head and he put his hand out to shake. told him to piss off, got the security to approach him on my way out and told the no callem stall


what is popcorn? I wanted song id of so many they played, what a great set


that new daytime beach stage was so good- just a deposit for towel rental! four tet was incredible there, doing some crazy speaker panning things.

on the last day, it was like palms trax saw me arrive- playing barely breaking even, listed as one of my favourite ever songs here- hadn’t heard it out before, then in for a swim!


There are a few versions of it, think this is the one they played


thanks, was trying to place that one when they played it. could only guess it was a remix of Kraftwerk