Primavera 2018


I wasn’t a fan of the ASAP Rocky set (it seemed like every song either started or ended with gun sound) although I was pretty worn out by then.


Did anyone catch flamenco-man Capullo de Jerez in the Auditori on Thursday? I absolutely loved it.

Topped off at the end when he had an audience member chuck him a Real Madrid shirt, so he could wave it vigorously and sing about his team :grinning:

Reminded me what the Auditori programme brings to the festival. Seen some great stuff in there other the years.


Absolutely pissing down in Porto today…


I think that’s it for rain this evening (fingers crossed)!


A soggy afternoon but held up well for the evening. Twilight Sad & Lorde utterly tremendous tonight. Left pre MCDE at the wishes of our group, but the sound in bits was unbelievable, thoroughly impressed


Cool that they have a Bits stage in Porto now. Line up looks generally top too


Yeah - good point. The water seem to have dried up completely on the Saturday - 2 washing areas and 1 drinking fountain were without water anyway. Also petty about the bottle top rule - you can walk in with a plastic bottle of drink but the lid is not allowed in. Seems a purely commercial decision. Minor quibble, mind


That incredible Mogwai set is now up:


Fuckin’ wish I was there don’t I? :cry:


Oh fuck, gonna re-live this while I have my tea.


This clashed with The National…only big clash of the weekend for me but absolutely gutting!! This sounds fantastic.


I’m not sure if I’ll ever go back to the festival again but I really enjoy reading people’s reviews every year.


Wouldn’t expect to see QOTSA play again any time soon…


maybe he wants people closer to the stage because it’s easier to kick them in the head that way


Excellent post/username interface :smiley:


Fine by me. I can see why VIP annoys people but it was amazing for my girlfriend last year - who uncomplainingly goes to gigs with me all year where she can’t see anything and gets pushed around all night. To see her light up at show after show at Prima made re-booking VIP tickets for next year a no brainier. I can’t wait to go back :slight_smile: