Primavera 2019

Early Bird tickets on sale until 9am UK time on Friday. 150 euro! Rising to 180 after that. Lovely stuff

Shellac rumoured to be playing (wow!)


budget an extra €7 lads

Already bought mine.

Will indulge myself and do a round up of the great and the good from 2018 when my head is screwed back on :grinning:

pardy for your right to fight

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I know this gets asked every year but:

What does a VIP ticket entail nowadays?

Let’s say the value of the pound drops less than a Euro. That €7 will be like £8. Those €5 euro beers now will be £6 for us etc.
I guess buying everything now makes a difference when you know your currency is going to tank next year…

Access to the VIP Areas (I think there’s 3 now - 1 by the main stages, 1 facing the Primavera stage, 1 in the dance area). They used to have discounted beer on sale in them, but I’m not sure if that is still the case since it’s been 4 years since I last had a VIP ticket. There’s also a small pen in front of half the main two stages exclusively for VIPs (the yellow triangle in front of mango and seat on the map here - although for popular acts it can get full up.

You also get a reasonably nice bag full of tat and a proper programme with descriptions of all the acts in it, a special entrance for VIP holders (not a big deal cos you never have to queue to get in the main entrance), and priority access to concerts in the Auditori (basically just means you can skip the queue if there is one for any acts in there).

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Thanks, this is mega helpful! Doesn’t really seem like it’s worth double the price

Nah I’ve not really missed being a VIP. The first year I went VIP (2013) you could get the 330ml beers for 1 euro each, so the money I saved there meant the ticket paid for itself. The following year they stuck the price up to 2 euros for a 330ml beer, but they did give all VIP ticket holders a really nice Eastpak backpack which I’m still using today. I’ve not seen any of the VIP gifts in subsequent years match that for value or quality!

It’d be useful to know if they’re still doing the discounted beer, and if so how big the discount is, since really that was the main VIP draw for me. Never usually have any trouble getting near the front for big acts with a standard wristband anyway. Can only really think of Radiohead and LCD Soundsystem in recent years where access to the VIP pen may have been beneficial.

The small beers were 2.50 in the VIP areas this year, which is 1 euro less than in the main areas.

Haven’t had anything remotely approaching the eastpak bag since - it’s usually been a fairly robust tote bag (with a sponsor’s name on it - was Mango this year) and the big book.

Didn’t spend much time in the VIP areas this year except when I got a bit ‘aaaaaaargh’ with all the crowds and needed a breather.

Motherfucking yacht club, this.

Oh so THAT’S what that was. Thought it was some exclusive p4k party for artists / journalists when I was crossing the bridge.

Yeah. I felt very out-of-place there, but it was quite a pleasant place to sit and regroup.

We still have our backpacks. Best freebie we ever had.

I’ve used mine almost daily since I got it, and it’s still in great nick.

Still maintain that Thursday night in 2014 is the best lineup at a festival I have ever been to. (as a day split not the best festival lineup ever)

Got my VIP tix today. Maybe in 2019 I’ll get around to saying hi to some of you!

who are the early thoughts/predictions to be playing next year? I know it’s totally ridiculous to speculate - but go ahead

the dates fit in well with a planned trip back to Europe next year for a wedding - so hoping to go again. Only been the once, the year Bjork cancelled - still disappointed about that!



Think I’ll give it a miss in 2019. No issue with the festival I just fancy mixing it up and the Porto edition doesn’t have the scale for me. Glasto back on this year too.

Of course the line-up could change everything.