Primavera 2019


Yeah, they’ll do other things, like that improv set a few years ago.



(sorry, someone had to)


That’s quite a poppy lineup. Not really for me.


More stuff across the pop, rap and electronic spectrums. More gender diversity too. While still being heaps of stuff that dusty old indie folk love in there


Hang on, Lolina is playing! :heart:


She ain’t playing


I reckon it’s a cracking line-up but they’ve missed a trick by not booking Phoebe Bridgers.

They’ve got Dacus, they’ve got Baker… BOY GENIUS SET C’MONNNNN!!


They have been offering packages for the last few years.



That doesn’t even make any sense.


They also do boat parties as well. Who knew.


Yeah, I’m not sure what makes it more diverse? It’s one third Green Man and two thirds Field Day with the exception of like five bands of note.


‘Sons of Kemet XL’?


Sons of Kemet with 4 drummers. It’s solid


I’m really interested to see who they’ll get to play next year though if this gender balance is going to be the new normal.


Wednesday at the the forum isn’t listed and the heineken “hidden stage” etc are still to be announced.


Definitely going.


I’m not convinced Deerhunter will do any other shows. Fucked Up for example are billed on the website as playing the main festival and the stuff on the Sunday separately. Deerhunter are only shown as playing the Monday before everyone arrives. In the past their extra shows have been billed (apart from one they did circa Monomania when they also played the main stage at short notice)


It’s like 3/4 Primavera with a load of pop names added. The kids like pop, Jordy.


Wasn’t there a year when it was billed as Atlas Sound and it ended up just being a Deerhunter set?