Primavera 2019


The year they did that improv show they weren’t billed for that. It was meant to be a solo Bradford show.

Fucked Up are on Wednesday and Thursday, don’t know where you saw Sunday!


whats the best way to sell a ticket then? I hear the official website wont open until it sells out which could take a while


I was hoping that the line up would be shit as I don’t know if I can go but that looks like a very fun time


Presumably headlining the Wednesday?


Deerhunter…only on Monday.

That is such a dirty tease.


Ticketswap is the best site for selling tickets


Carcass are this year’s random grab from the metal section in HMV then. I like that lineup but preferred last year’s, still gutted I can’t go. If I was 100% that GBV would actually play I might find a way.

Solid, solid dance lineup BTW. Octo Octa and Eris Drew will absolutely kill it on that little stage by the beach.


Deerhunter surely nailed on for a London show on a weekend either side of that Monday


are they seriously playing on Monday? that’s a massive ballache


They do consistently put on line ups that are exciting in a sea of boring big festivals. Hats off to them


oh yeah sorry, i just meant that fucked up will be on in the apollo (or some other non-forum venue) as well as the main festival, and they’ve clearly stated that they’re playing twice.


For all the nonsense, that looks like a brilliant time. Hoping they keep half as much fun for Portovera.


nice one thanks. Issue is I didnt buy early birds, got the 180Euro one so I’m guessing i’ll have to sell at a slightly reduced price.


An absolutely brilliant lineup that only reveals its charms upon careful consideration and not just focusing on headliners.


They are doing Copenhagen on 3 June (via DH’s own website) and Oslo on 4 June (FB event exists). So not sure where that leaves UK dates.


I might end up going to this.


Arrrrrgggghhh whyyyyy are my stupid friends getting married that weekend?


DJ Coco is closing the Apolo not the Saturday. Been given to DJ Rosario & Sama Yax :man_shrugging:


Finally my dreams have been realised… I will get to see J Balvin sub-headline the Primavera festival in front of a rabid audience :grinning:


DJ Coco did need binning off (sorry, nostalgists)… But that doesn’t sound much better