Primavera 2019


Primavera Bits will have three stages to supply the most hedonistic, festive and alternative side of the festival, as well as a surprise or two to wrap it all up "

= Big electronic act to close on Saturday (perhaps even bigger than DJ Rosario and Sama Yax)?


DJ Coco?


an exciting new act called DJ Harry Bogan


Does anyone know what the situation will be for Big Red Machine on the Wednesday? Haven’t been to a mid-week show there and we’ll be arriving early-ish evening. Will we get in? What times it start and stuff?


it’s bad that they’ve made this gender balanced


normally starts at about 4ish and runs to 10:30. It’s really easy to get in the only problem is if you only have a normal ticket it will be difficult to get into the Apolo after (unless you leave early from the Forum).


Guided by Voices self-confirmed for Porto. Bloody excellent.


How does JARV IS differ from JARVIS, any ideas?


Why’s that DB? Genuinely interested here.


I’ve looked it up and seems to be a new band and mostly new songs. Gets ace reviews.


Fucking HELL I am there if GBV are honestly showing up this time. I went the year they were last meant to go so please please lord please


Yeah, this one is for real.


nah obviously it’s good :slight_smile:


see you guys there x


Just saw that their most recent set had 53 songs! 53!


See you there DB!


12 song encore. And why not!


:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:watching live vids now and remembering how fucking obsessed I was with them a few years ago. Wish I’d seen the original lineup (TOBY!!) but I’ll take anything at this point. Give me a GBV covers band night and I’d be ecstatic



Chances of me spontaneously combusting during their set are high! I was similarly obsessed a few years back, can’t wait to dive back in.