Primavera 2019


A GBV dismeat will be essential if a few of us make it there.

I listened through all 4 of their 100 song bside and demo albums :sweat_smile:




June of 44!!!Sterolab!!!
Anyone ever done Primavera with a five year old?


Pretty disappointed in the line up tbh. No Deafheaven, Earl, or MBV.

Mainly no one crazy who makes me double take and no huge names at all.

I looked at the line up and asked who the headliners were? I’m still asking. Hmm.


Hate to say it mate but this might be your Grandpa Simpson meme moment :grimacing:

Wouldn’t advise that you head into the Reading & Leeds thread either :wink:


Honestly, I don’t think there are that many massive heavyhitters touring around that time. Hence APE looking ropey. What they’ve done is gone and splashed on a load of big names, more than usual, but no massive ones, and in the process and with some creative booking made what could’ve been a fallow year exciting.

Remember the headliners in 2015, in a similar down year, were the Black Keys, Ride and the Strokes…


Filthy Friends playing the Sunday! Peter Buck and Corin Tucker’s band!


And Gangsta Boo as well! Fuck, this is going to be amazing!


This is the first I’ve seen that FKA Twigs is back, that’s ace news.


Ha - I’m happy to laugh at that. I kno there are people there I’ll love - there are great artists. It just feels somehow lacklustre. Like, if you’re changing up, why do it do safely?! Go all in!


Yeah totally - as I sit and work through even the artists I know (and I know I’ll discover more) I’m realising the depth. I just wish there were a few more real names tbh.

I spend most of my time at shows of smaller acts, but a festival with no big ones can’t help but feel slightly inferior to previous versions.

I admire and respect all of your less reactionary views. I’m not reitiring from drinking half’s of desperado in the sun just yet, and would actually love to meet some of you in ‘19.


Don’t get me wrong, it is nice at Primavera to have a few big “tick off your list” names. It isn’t a cheap ticket and I do have a whole load of really fond memories from those big moments at Prima.

That said, Erykah Badu is one of my favourite live acts ever, Nas is electric when he’s on form, Solange is primed to absolutely knock it out the park with a new album and live show, and I haven’t seen Janelle in years and she always puts on a great show. I know those aren’t for everyone here, but I’m trying to say there might be some really great shows put on among the headline names. I wasn’t sure about Lorde last year but I loved it


Pretty solid. Fucking Jawbreaker!


Lorde destroyed me but I’ve always loved her. All the names you mention are greats but there are itches that aren’t being scratched for me, things like the below:

Art Brut
Cloud Nothings
Chance The Rapper
Childish Gambino
Devon Walsh
Earl Sweatshirt
My Bloody Valentine
Sheck Wes
Viagra Boys

Not to mention the ‘non active’/‘non cycle’ propositions like:

Hold Steady

I just feel like there are no surprises, really, and also not many of the artists I thought of as dead certs.

Will definitely find joy in the line-up, but I can’t pretend I don’t feel a certain flatness. Can’t really blame the promoters as they can hardly force bands to reform or write albums faster.

Anyway, I’m building a playlist of the acts to talk myself back into it. T-minus two weeks until I declare this the best line up ever…


Guess the surprise is that the line up is more than 50% women. I’ve literally never seen that at a big festival before


Yes, I think that’s bigger than my This Year concerns and a net benefit to artists and attendees, especially if its an ongoing policy. In conclusion, while not blown away, I’m going to take it as an opportunity to listen to more of the female artists on the bill.

If I have a problem then, I’ll know they’re just not my bag but I suspect it will just broaden my listening (as intended) and I’ll end up grateful. There are already some amazing ones I love like Kali Uchis, Tierra Whack and Sigrid, and I know with interest, I’ll grow to love Carly Rae and Charli XCX etc.


I’m selling a couple of early bird VIP tickets through ticketswap (they do all the name changing for you).


That line up looks so much fun. Really want to go, but already don’t have much holiday left next year, but really, really want to go.


This attitude is really irritating, there seem to be so many people on the Primavera FB instantly calling somebody Grandad because they say they’re underwhelmed with the line up!

I like quite a bit of music and watch a lot of live stuff of all different genres, but if I didn’t already have tickets I might have considered not going this year, I know I will still have a lot of fun but when you factor in the flight and accomodation costs, it’s a little disappointing for the money.

Somebody like Childish Gambino, Kendrick or Missy Elliott really could have lifted it.

Those rumours of Neil Young and the Cure were also well off point!


Haven’t been to the Barcelona leg for 8 years and the prices have made my eyes water a bit…