Primavera 2019


They do kinda sound like grandad though


Really thought this was gonna be the year they got Oasis, Stone Roses and Kasabian to headline.

Disappointing :frowning_face:


The festival has had the same sort of lineup for 10 years or so, with a vibe nowhere close those bands, so the fact that people who are unimpressed with this years lineup are being lampooned for being fans of such bands is a bit weird.


This line-up’s so good and I cannot afford it :frowning:


Good lord


they’ve always had an eclectic line up and this is an eclectic line up. only real difference i can see is that there are more women playing.


So you think there’s been the same level of pop artists amongst the top picks in previous years, for example?


Actually I’m not even going to this festival why am I bothered. Have fun pals.


MBV for the return of Unexpected Primavera? To close on the Saturday even?


The last time I saw my lady friend this upset was when our rabbit died. I think this is the last time we’ll stump for early birds, and had we not already booked flights/hotel I think we’d try and sell the tickets.

They do seem to have neglected all manner of touring acts and folks who have released incredible albums recently.


Tbh man I’m not even going and I pretty much wept at the sheer holistic beauty of that lineup. It’s like I booked it myself. Probably about 40 things I’d go and see without even listening to something I hadn’t heard of yet


I counted 63 things I want to see. Can’t believe I’ll get to see Cybotron and The Necks.


Yeah, surprising how many of my friends said it was like they booked it for me.

I’d kind of describe it as if Pitchfork had booked Coachella without the headliners. That’s not a criticism, it’s just not going to appeal to everyone. It’s certainly pretty different to Primavera as recently as 2016, but it’s a direction they’ve been going in the past couple of years, and it’s in line with appealing to young music fans.

Have both friends who are mainly into sort of garage rock/punk/psych who used to find plenty to enjoy and just don’t here, and also friends who were brought on board by the big ticket electronic stuff in the past couple of years who aren’t so interested either. A lot of friends who had become bored by the line ups who are totally hyped for this and think it aligns with their changing taste in music too…


It’s cool to see Yaeji quite high up on the bill. She’s class.


By me I mean them, not me.


Depends how and why you’re defining pop really, doesn’t it?


Tons of good stuff there. Snorted a bit at the Carcass/Cardi B/Carly Rae Jepsen Bit.

Also means I don’t have to worry about not seeing Robyn earlier in the year.


It’s absolutely stacked with amazing acts in the small fonts.


hopefully they stick to the gender balance thing for future lineups, new normal slogan should make it difficult to retract.
I remember when sonar’s progamme in 2003 said that a third of the lineup featured women, which they said they were proud of, but needed to improve. then I think it was this one, ten years later where maybe only 5% of the lineup was women…


find this bizarre, given that it’s surely the most stacked edition they’ve done for hip hop…cardi b, future, pusha t, danny brown, princess nokia, mykki blanco, tony touch, gangsta boo, jpegmafia, loyle carner, cupcakke, slowthai