Primavera 2019


It’s a bloody huge line up

would love to go again


I am weighing up whether to go to this…

do I really need to have a house and a car and children??? seems a bit excessive


I’m sure you can buy a ticket with money


Swap the kids for a ticket. You’ll really feel like a true VIP after.


Does anyone know when the Porto line-up gets released?


It’s normally a few weeks later, sometimes longer.


Booked! Can’t wait :grinning:


I’m most interested in the smallest font bands so can anyone share some recommendations? I discovered so far the Japanese band Chai who are massive fun.


Will be really interesting to see what kind of crowd it attracts this year.

I’ve seen a lot of people saying they’re selling tickets etc, so perhaps at least some of the old crowd will sit it out, but will they be replaced by (I guess) younger people? I guess that has to be the aim - but although there’s strength in the lineup, is there that big name that gets hoards of say, 20somethings to stump up? I’m not sure.

Mainly I’m hoping this results in shorter queues at the bar but I think after some stropping and grand standing, a lot of the old crowd will go along anyway. A theory I saw on efestivals - they’re just holding back the REAL headliners. Yeah right mate…


Radiohead playing King of Limbs part two


Someone on the OS has made a prediction on Auditori names (thank god it’s properly back again):

Thursday: Apparat - Bridget St. John - Dirty Projectors - The Necks
Friday: Julia Holter - Maria Jose Llergo - Midori Takada - Sons of Kemet
Saturday: Jon Hassell - The Bulgarian Voices with Lisa Gerrard - Tim Hecker & Konoyo Ensemble

Massive quality there and great variety.


Honestly I think it’ll be a quieter year, like 2015, but i think that was a given considering the bands on the festival circuit and probably who they were able to book (I mean booking the Cure wouldnt have saved it terms of being a massive draw and I imagine they tried to get Kendrick with no avail). I reckon they’ve spent less, knowing fewer people will turn up, whereas when Radiohead played, they went big knowing it would sell out however many tickets they released.

I think they’ll sell less weekend tickets and more day tickets this year. And as per the last couple of years there will practically be two different festivals - the mainstream main stages, full of day goers, and the rest of the festival.


I think the Sunday might still be very busy if not sell out, I’ve not really heard J Balvin before but he’s currently the 6th most streamed artist on Spotify and Rosalia is pretty massive too.


Saturday I mean sorry


2015 was my favourite year (I’ve been 5 times), quality of acts was down but I had such a great milling about the various stages.


Saturday was uncomfortably busy this year. Thurs & Fri were ok.
Might give my indie festival euros to Mad Cool this year.


Enjoy The 1975 at Mad Cool Festival


I’ve heard good things about Greta Van Fleck

*seriously though, the existence of Mad Cool coincides with Primavera’s change in direction and that probably isn’t entirely a coincidence


When’s this likely to sell out? Can’t be bothered to do another primavera on our own, but our friends are prioritising the Glastonbury resale in April over this.


Prices change on 8/01/2019. I have my suspicions that it won’t sell out or at least not until very late on.