Primavera 2019


Not for the last decade at least


Yeah, I’m not surprised really. I imagine it’s sold a lot less than previous years just because there’s no real major headliners. Might make for a nicer festival, weirdly.


New Normal.

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I can’t remember what year it was, either 2015 or 2017, but it didn’t sell out and it was really enjoyable. Much more navigable than the Radiohead year in 2016 anyway.


There are some big headliners, just not the type that would’ve played Primavera previously.
Still trying to work out if i can get there for Friday & Saturday.

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2015 it didn’t sell out although the headliners were not great we left a bit early on Friday. Saturday was still rammed though.


I found Saturday last year uncomfortable and an absolute pain at the bars etc. Thurs and Fri we’re fine.
Not going this year aside from maybe some of the free stuff in the city (although underwhelming). Not enough to tempt me.


I’m really hoping for it to not be too mental, especially seeing how many stages there are now, so works for me.

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What are the bars like? Is it just beers and wine etc?


No, greater selection than that. Spirits, bourbons & various mixers available.
Believe more craft beer available this yr too


Tax fraud. Naughty. Use google translate if need be.

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Explains the lineup this year if they’re having to pay all that back

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Replacing Georgia Anne Muldrow with Just Mustard feels like a huge step down. Fuck anyway, was really looking forward to seeing her.


Finally got round to getting a ticket on Ticketswap for cheap. I assume it’s fine to have a ticket with someone else’s name on it?

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Yes, no problem.


Any meats planned?

  • I’m going to Primavera let’s meat
  • I’m going to Portovera let’s meat
  • Weird internet people, away
  • Do they sell peas in Iberia

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Voted multiple options here as my GF would probably be weirded out by a meat. Say hello if anyone sees me though!


Let’s arrange one on the sly, while we’re watching Nilufer Yanya…


Unfortunately I’ll be crying my eyes out during Built To Spill at that time. We’ll figure something out though!