Primavera 2019




This is genuinely very funny since we aren’t going. I remember when we went in 2012 and watched the England in the square near our hotel think the square was near some theatre and it was really chilled out. Doubt it will be this time.


Anyone got any guesses on headliners for Primavera Sound next summer?
The Cure seem nailed on at least?


Lightning Seeds


Rumours of New Order.


I would advise to avoid school holidays and if they seem silly money now, may be best to wait till after Christmas for flight sales. I got a return from London for £65 booking in early Jan.

But would sort accomodation asap if you haven’t already.


Massive attack


See you down the front!


Ok great, all good tips. Cheers all!


The Cure are playing Mad Cool. Doesn’t that essentially rule them out for Primavera?


nah, Arctic Mokneyes did mad cool and Primavera last year.


Ah fair. I thought it was one or the other.


Doesn’t rule it out entirely, but would say it’s far less likely as a result


Looking at Gabi’s tweet today, you’ve nailed your prediction.


All ‘The New Normal’ stuff starting up again just now


When do people think they will announce?


Some speculation about today or Monday. But tbqh if it’s anything like last year it will be another couple of weeks / a month until they announce it


Yeah, they do like to drag it out as long as possible.


Though maybe ‘The New Normal’ is no more pre-announcements and other bullshit. Just drop the whole thing in one go unexpectedly.


Oh I forgot how utterly tedious their announcement rollouts were.