Primavera 2019


Only just remembered the video of people’s reactions to seeing the lineup last year :man_facepalming:


They really jumped the shark with that. Just the worst idea ever.


No idea what they were expecting with that. I didn’t watch the video (honestly, who did?), were people really supposed to be losing their shit at the idea of The National headlining a midsized indie festival?


Just been reminded by someone over on the efestivals page that the video had someone literally weeping with joy at the lineup



Rmemeber when it was just a press conference. Thise were the days


Might email them and offer to take a video of me mastubating to the 2019 lineup announcement


Morbid curiosity got the better of me here I’m afraid


the best year was when they just put a countdown up and released the entire lineup when it got to zero. no fucking about.


Wasn’t that the same year that the countdown clock reset itself several times during the countdown…


Looking at a festival that’s on at the same time, you can probably expect Interpol and Kurt Vile to be there. The usual suspects then.


word on the street that this ‘‘New Normal’’ thing is about the line up being 50/50 male/female split.

Also been rumors in the last few days that Kendrick and Cardi B could be playing.


probably completely made up though


got my fingers crossed for Kendrick now he’s confirmed to be on the circuit next year


I think it was a guess about the gender balance rather than informed info.
The New Normal has to mean something. Guess we’ll find out this week.


Line up being announced on Wednesday - 5pm Spanish time.

Kendrick ruled out, also lots of talk of reggaeton so maybe an act like J Balvin will headline.




googles reggaeton


What is this series of letters you have put next to each other?


Really dread the day, like many have had before me, when I look at the line up one year think… That’s really not for me :frowning:



Trying to get down with the Spanish youth.