Primavera 2019


Enjoy Little Mix playing Reggaeton Lento in front of a sold out audience at Primavera! (Good pop song though init)


Somehow this New Normal business has me worried.


yeah like what if the new normal is shit? i liked the old normal.


Old normal was amazing. Change isn’t always good…


Hahaha, we’re all so old. But yes - afraid.


Hopefully it’s this 50/50 women/men thing as that would genuinely be pretty cool (though I even remember the gender equality issue getting some controversy on the 2018 thread).

Even so, I’m a little concerned for the line up as there don’t seem to be many big hitters on the circuit, and APE’s line up, which is on at the same time of year and trying to pull in a similar crowd, isn’t setting the world alight.


There’s still going to be a pissload of heritage indie acts, modern indie stuff, a smattering of hip-hop and metal and some jazz too. It’ll be completely fine.


Got my early bird so am a little anxious about this…50% male/50% female is good stuff (would love some Mitski, St Vincent, Kathryn Joseph, Kelly Moran et al) - but I’m not sure that’s what it is. We’ll see I spose


No techno?!


Stereolab reforming! Surely they’ll play!


Back with a fresh reggaeton sound?


Tbf, that’s one of those bands that’s gonna make me start doing the sums to work out whether or not I can budget the trip :crossed_fingers:


Noticed they’re selling an Ex-Indie cap on the website for all us soon-to-be reggaeton fans to wear at the fest


My prediction is the main stage will go full on Pitchfork-approved pop, while the rest of the festival will remain largely the same :man_shrugging:


Fine by me! It’ll mean a lot of the smaller stages clear out during the headliners, like going to Tortoise while Radiohead played in 2016.


Yeah, not an issue for me either. And possibly more in line with what young hip people actually want from a festival these days


Yeah I’d be massively happy with that.

The two main stages represent by far the least pleasant experience (though they’re fine early doors)


think bands like Car Seat Headrest and the Breeders were a bit wasted there early doors tbh. if they relegate them to the smaller stages, all the better


Yeah, you’re right.


Yep, agreed. Went to both sets and as much as I love the Breeders they were slightly lost on that stage. Car Seat Headrest were great but I was in the first few rows and people were losing it. Further back it was much less fun.