Primavera 2019


aye totally agree with you here!


Seems like a good prediction …although still can’t think who fits that bill and is touring?


Carly Rae Jepsen, Solange, Sky Ferreira, Charli XCX I would have thought at least one of them. Pitchfork approved and at least 3 of em are due to put something out between now and June (probably…possibly…maybe…who knows)


Aw flip, I’d love to see Sky Ferreira again!


Ah ok, that makes sense (and I would probably end up going to see most of them!)


One of grumpiest performances I’ve ever seen at Primavera seemed to be some serious monitor issues


Saw her at Primavera Porto that year and she was fucking great. Met her in Barca the year after that actually, nice person.



Radio station in English link here (they’ll be releasing the lineup on it apparently). Not sure how it’ll differ to the video link above


Who’s playing then?


My Vitriol DJs Auditori b2b set w. DJ Barry Hogan.


been pushed back an hour


god knows, they’ve started talking exclusively in spanish now after spending the day saying ANNOUNCEMENT AT 5PM SPANISH TIME



This is the new normal - lots o postponements


The radio schedule has the lineup announcements going until 10pm. This is going to be like when they announce the Mercury Prize nominees on BBC Radio 6 isn’t it? Fucking tedious.


Yeah fuck this - I’m off to get drunk and will look at midnight.


Yup this is a shambles.


Omni and Babyshambles to form a supergroup and confirmed.


This is going to be a good lineup after all this faffing isn’t it?


yeh fuck this theyre just chatting about the newly organised radio station