Primavera 2019


even the hosts of the radio show on the livestream don’t know what time the announcement is going to be


Just tuned back in and people are twerking


the livestream has just had two lads banging on about how great it was when migos were announced last year (ummm did you forget they didn’t bother turning up) and now there are some people twerking

i think primavera has jumped the shark


This is bloody torturous. What on earth are they thinking




Barry Hogan just flossed and then announced Shellac


Same nonsense as last year with the announcement. They need to get some competent marketing staff


Dabbed and announced GY!BE


They don’t seem to be doing too badly marketing it


Do you enjoy the way they make the lineup announcement?


What is it with people and bum bags? Saw a bloke walking round Primavera 2 years ago with one in a satchel configuration. He was struggling to get money out of it had dislocate his shoulder just to get in it. Would have been easier to have zip up pockets on his trousers.


Have they said when they will actually release the line-up? I don’t speak Spanish so I have no idea what’s going on but I know it’s awful and someone deserves the sack for deciding this was the best way to announce the line-up.


Who is the guy on the far left he looks well familiar?


he looks like a trap version of Amen Dunes


I was actually on the money :rofl::rofl:




Solange, Charli XCX and Carley Rae Jepsen are all playing

Didn’t see Sky Ferreira


Did anyone screenshot the names at the end? Did they just announced Guided By Voices (!!!) ?


Would be silly after they pulled out because he remembered he doesn’t fly last time, no?


Anyone else?