Primavera 2019


yep, GBV!!


Nevermind someone has done a better job.


Banging lineup that


Holy fuck this might drag me back for the first time since 2011


31 artists to see.

That feels almost like too many.


Pretty amazing


Will there be another bunch added do we think? Little disappointed if I’m being honest.


Did they say what the new normal is in the end?


Jack is on fire will be happy with deerhunter!!
Surprising lack of postrock on the lineup.


It seemed to involve some women in balaclavas coming in and waving a new normal sign around before the announcement. Was all in Spanish so don’t have a clue what they were saying.


Ladies, ladies, ladies


They after the benicassim crowd then? Odd, odd lineup


No-one really big there is there? All a bit ‘could just about fill Shepherd’s Bush empire’ fodder


My mates are all going nuts over it. Very 2019 line up, really diverse, while still being stuff that people who are real music heads like.


Efrim Menuck and Tim Hecker (w/ Konoyo Ensemble!!!) though!


Deerhunter only on the Monday!

Fuuuuck, so much good stuff! The Necks are playing!


What the hell, that’s not on at all. Really not on.


I’ve just seen that as well. They may do things elsewhere they normally do what feels like 20 sets during Primavera.


Eh it’s not really any more diverse than older additions? There’s just more pop and dance there.


Just looking at website looks like they are doing loads of travel packages that include accommodation near the airport or have they been doing it for years and I’ve never noticed?