Primavera 2020

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Always thought their early morning scheduling was suited to cultural habits in Spain/Portugal. Mad Cool has similar timings

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Well that was a massive PITA - the payment portal kept coming up with an error message - but finally managed to book a VIP for next year.

can you only buy individual tickets?

For the pre-early birds the yes. You need one 2019 code per ticket.

That’s really annoying, as you can buy wristband delivery for £20 for up to 4 but I’m not sure if they’re going to apply it to both tickets

Just got tickets. Already looking forward to going back.

Don’t have money now for buying the cheapo tickets so will do the installment plan.

Trying to find info on this - can you only pay instalments for the €180 tickets?

Have we got tickets then @avery?

I think so!

not yet. I’m emailing them about delivery, as it says you have to pay 20 euros for up to 4 tickets ordered at the same time to be delivered but they won’t let you order more than one ticket at a time.

Was pretty sure 2019 was gonna be my last ever festival as I was feeling like an old man before I went. As soon as I got into the festival site that all changed, I had the best time and I’m already booked for next year!


Likewise - just booked tickets for 2020. I’m telling myself that this is a very sensible decision - I’m saving money by doing this, right!

Well I live down in deep, dark Cornwall so to get to any gig (Bristol or London) costs me an absolute fortune so seeing like 20-30 things I love in one go is a sensible financial choice. At least that’s the excuse I am going for this year. Plus the added value of getting the early bird ticket means I would have to be crazy not to do it.

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no Spain date on the Sleater Kinney tour…

Hi Jack, any chance you might have another VIP code to share with me? Do you know anyone who is not interested in going? :slight_smile: I would love to go VIP next year for less.

Now I’ve got a wedding on the Porto weekend too. Looks like it’s Primavera London for me :cry:

No, sorry.