Primavera 2020

It’s like It suddenly dawned on them all just how absolutely stinking rich they could get from it

Once Porto happened in 2012 that was the point they started to realise. It is funny in a way that all this happened almost straight after/during ATP collapsed.

And they managed to get Dyson airblades without going bust


The ‘multiple cities for 20 years’ thing was always going to be a disaster looking at the existing festival landscape anyway, and I think they’re very fortunate neither of them moved forward. There’s already too many in London, and too many in LA, that don’t shift tickets. It seemed completely bonkers and narcissistic to me they thought their brand was strong enough to do that.

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Can anyone point towards evidence or anything resembling it pointing to the organisers actually becoming stinking rich or the festival actually turning into Coachella.

Or is this based on something that may happen?

Agree the expansion was a bad idea.

There’s nothing in here makes me think anything other than they’re pretty bad people

Not really sure that a dossier of evidence that they’re in it for the money is required here though, it’s pretty self-evident, unless you have some very rosy tinted way of looking at the world

Not that I think it should diminish anyone who’s into it’s enjoyment (they always have some great bands on or whatever) but it’s you that keeps asking for evidence of how it’s not a soulless big business enterprise, when it obviously is

You’ll be asking for evidence of why All Points East isn’t strictly grassroots next

The music industry is an awful industry full of awful people and to build something up to that level you have to be pretty cutthroat to do it

It’s weird with Primavera as people love it so much that they turn a blind eye to it being a massive corporate festival.

There is a vague acceptance that without the sponsorship they couldn’t have had the acts they had until probably 2015. Plus the sponsorship that they had was relatively well thought of pitchfork, vice, adidas original, san miguel (before that piss they have now), ray-bans .

Wow, that was a wild ride. That’s what I was looking for and that’s what I got. Thanks for sharing.

I didn’t get “they’re pretty bad people” from that article so much as Gabi Ruiz is an out of control megalomaniac, although accept this does imply he has his enablers. Do still have reservations about seeing the festival just through a corporate lens. It has a true identity others don’t. The corporate money does pay for more bands and better bands.

And some of the shows they put on in the auditori and elsewhere seem like decisions made by people interested in the music, rather than just squeezing out every cent (e.g. putting on a concert with Johan Johansson’s old friends and collaborators to pay respect to him after he died).


I think that a lot of people who really love ‘alternative’ music find it hard to imagine that their music is being leveraged for financial gain.

But it’s big business and festivals are basically a yuppie pastime and it’s really no more alternative these days to go and see a load of indie bands with 70,000 other people on a piece of tarmac in sun than it is to go and watch the footy, as much as we’re all probably in denial about it to whatever extent

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Dunno, they usually have a bank in there, or a credit card too, and whilst San Miguel is sort of okay-ish, that’s true Spanish beer in hard Catalan (Estrella) territory.

Having tried a handful of different EU festivals out, this just isn’t the case – you should definitely take a leap and go to a few different ones in other smaller cities.

The cultish way people obsess over Primavera dissipates slightly when you realise it’s just one of a bunch of festivals across Europe every summer with great weather and pretty similar bands that are all doing the rounds.

It’s only really the sheer amount of stuff on at Primavera, plus the fact they can throw money at big headliners, that stops me switching it out completely for a couple of the cheaper options elsewhere.

I’ve already taken that leap and been to a few different ones in other smaller cities.

Not saying it’s the only one with an identity but it is head and shoulders above its peers that offer the same breadth of programming for me (not including Glastonbury as haven’t been to that in years).

It’s not just about the quantity for me. I’ve seen things at Primavera, especially in the auditori, that I couldn’t see elsewhere.

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I’ve always said that I’d happily have accepted a Dr Marten sign or whatever next to ATP’s stages if it meant that the festivals would, you know, happen.

Never really understood the desire to put on so many festivals, screw over people financially yet stick to their guns about not having any sponsorship. Barry is a complicated dude.

Oh yeah, I get that sponsorship can be very helpful and I kinda accept a Raybans stage and an Estrella stage or whatever it was in 2011, but when it gets to the point that it’s tens of sponsors including Seat, Pringles, Coca-Cola and Ikea you have to take a bit of a wtf at the anything-goes-if-you’re-paying approach to it

I mean personally I just don’t want to be anywhere near that stuff, find it pretty much of a buzzkill to be around shit like that

Don’t think they have ever been sponsored by a bank or you know the outwardly evil corps oil companies etc. They have been sponsored allbeit weirdly for 1 year each by Sony and Apple which have there own evil corp outlook but, attempt to mask it a bit.

As for Estrella Sonar already have them as sponsorship the chaotic good big festival of Barcelona.

Just had a thought maybe Sonar is the one they are trying to replicate but, on a bigger scale they have festival weekends all over the shop and seem to do quite well.

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No one has mentioned Smint yet.


I still find it funny that people think Fugazi would reform and play this festival. Ian Mackaye rolling up on the Heineken stage with his free Ray Bans and Addias trackies.

To be fair he wouldn’t be able to resist the lure of a Smint straw hat.

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The massive H&M selfie mirror being the first thing you see when you go through the gates and cunts in native american headdresses are the first two that spring to mind.