Primavera 2020


Doesn’t mean they’re going to happen.

Festival Season 2020 is cancelled.

Don’t know how you can say that so definitively, when the situation is changing and the end of the Summer is fully 6 months away. You may be right, but may not be too.

New rumour on another forum to back up the Le Monde article incidentally:
“A journalist from Belgium (Humo) told me that the management of Kurt Vile has been contacted by Primavera mentioning that the festival is postponed to the last weekend of august.”

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Their optimism kind of balances me out, though.

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Where’s that from?

Edit: I see it on Twitter. It’s official!

Who’s calling us panic bookers now, eh?


Still me


Yeah, whoever posted that thing about hotels has just saved me a lot of money.

(Probably still be cancelled, but hey…)

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Hyped off my tits for this despite the fact that it almost certainly won’t happen. I’m such an idiot.

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Not holding my breath for this, and it feels a little bit… I dunno. Irresponsible? Having people rebook flights and hotels and then having to cancel again is a fucking mess.


Yeah. I’ll go to this if it goes ahead, but I’ve booked a hotel I can cancel until 25th August, I won’t be booking flights (airlines have been moving them for free, at least, so picking up a cheap one is relatively low risk) and I won’t be buying a ticket.

So let’s see…

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Yeah, I have a refundable hotel but it’s a bit like… how many people are genuinely even into going through the hassle of getting excited about it again and dealing with rebooking stuff? So many people will have lost jobs, income and have other worries that it feels a bit weird to even have it, somehow, particularly if people are going to get fucked over if it gets pulled again.

I just wish they’d have been able to cancel properly but I know it’s difficult to do without it coming from government. I hope people who can’t go to the rescheduled can get a refund at least.

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The same really. Already had a ticket, we can cancel hotel and won’t look at flights until nearer the time. If by some miracle this is all over by then, it’s something to look forward to.

Other festivals like Green Man, EoTR, Reading / Leeds must also be hoping things will be back to relative normality by August.

Even if things are better by then there is no way mass gatherings of this size are going to get the green light, surely? Sales will no doubt reflect that anyway.


Fingers crossed… Coachella didn’t offer to refund ticket buyers…

The sales from now until the week of will be pretty dismal, I think. People can barely afford to pay rent, they’re not going to take a punt on a festival that’s already been moved once.


Nothing on Porto? Or should it be presumed it’ll be a week later?

Might do Barca now

€110 to change my flight dates. Think I’ll hold off for a while.

Wouldn’t expect so, given the situation in Spain right now it feels like it’ll be quite a long time before they’re letting tens of thousands congregate in one place again.

Yes they did