Primavera 2021

Yeah I may do this. Find a cheapish hotel where I don’t have to pay until arrival as back up.


That’s what we did for June. It looks like it isn’t going to work out, but no bother. Will try and change my booking for September when it’s confirmed. Don’t think there’ll be a mad rush for accommodation unless you’re really set on getting one of the few reasonably priced hotels right by the site.

Guess there’s a small chance that enough people are vaccinated by September that they’re willing to trial the first big events before the autumn hits but given the logistics involved of getting all the artists there etc., the safer bet is it isn’t happening again :confused:

Not sure I would want to go to this in September if I havent had my jab yet

Quite surprised at how many of the reasonably priced hotels on seem to be fully booked for that weekend!

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11th September is National Day of Catalonia - museums, etc used to free entry etc (don’t know if it still applies). Could be that or could all be driven by some bod on efestivals discovering that one of the hotels next to the Forum is fully booked…leading to “Primaverians” making reservations across the city.

Nah, won’t be anything to do with the festival. September is post-school holidays so flights are generally cheaper than July/August and people take advantage of that, so it’s often a popular couple of weeks (though I imagine this year’s tourism trends are all out of sorts and based on consumer confidence).

Primavera nerds panic booking will make up a tiny % of stuff booked in advance.

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Just seems very odd to me that the same hotels we booked with maybe 5 months notice of the planned August 2020 dates would already be fully booked up for September 2021.

Yeah but the virus was still a bit of an unknown last year when things were getting rescheduled, so I imagine consumer confidence as a whole took a beating. This year people have a lot clearer idea of pandemic and vaccine timelines and September is seen as a bit of a safer cutoff point.

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Something is definitely planned for the Forum for those dates as its the only time period the AC Forum, the Princess and the Hilton have almost zero availability in 2021. Plus decent availability in the rest of the city…

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Quite a few of the hotels near PDF are now showing no availability for those September dates. I have booked a hotel that I can cancel for free.