Primavera 2021

Has anyone had any contact confirming their tickets have been rolled over?

No, but my Dice tickets are showing next year’s date now which is as good as. If you are a ticket owner it’ll be rolled over.

No football World Cup (and the one that is taking place later in 2022 doesn’t seem like the most pleasant spectacle) so it’s going to be some kinda World Cup/Olympics of festivals to end all World Cup/Olympics of festivals :thinking: :smiley:

Weekend before Le Guess Who dammit.

Accommodation and 3 meals a day included in the price. Sounds a bit like a school trip.

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Oh god, it does actually.

Apparently it was really good fun last time. It’s a bit like ATP, apart from it’s nice and sunny, and you get your meals provided for you instead of having to go to Burger King


Considering doing both because I’m a prize chump who wants to have two holidays cancelled in a few months time


Just booked a chalet for this. Apparently only selling 1000 tickets, so if you also want to pretend like you’re going to Primavera ATP by the sea for a few months, you’ll have to move fast.

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The option names are weird (especially as Nottingham is spelled Notthingam)

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I’m picturing something like a mix between Butlins and Tales of Robin Hood.

Jacuzzi option already sold out, livid.

Don’t worry m8, I’ll invite you to my jacuzzi afterparty with all the bands at this 100% real festival that’s definitely happening

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