Primavera 2023

Remember when one was put out a few years ago with worlds end girlfriend on. He wasn’t playing. Why would someone make that up?

Glasto/Coachella/Primavera in particular attract some proper obsessives that do stuff like that.

Remember that guy that used to post on here that was basically hounded off the boards because he literally couldn’t bear to read any criticism about Primavera?


I do actually!

He’s back, posted something about hungry hippos recently that’s worth finding.

We were mean to him. Well, I wasn’t, you lot were you bunch of bastards.

Looking forward to finally getting a lineup. I still need to sort out travel back as the prices were ridiculous when I booked.

Me too don’t think anyone said anything unreasonable if memory serves.

Yeah, he was very staunch in defending the festival against people’s concerns that the whole thing had strong shambles vibes (a lot of which turned out to be completely justified).

Blur and Alvvays too apparently

Also generally bought into the idea that this festival is still a cute little grassroots indie thing rather than, like, a multimillion euro hedge fund invested megacompany.

Anyone who simps for big businesses regardless of if they’re booking your fave little Sub Pop act deserves the piss ripped out of them, absolutely not sorry.


when was the last time this was true? (if it ever was)

think it’s fine to prefer the sort of big businesses that support the art and artists than mean something to you though, as long as it’s not totally uncritical

Aren’t you just naming names off that poster? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

This isn’t real but I’d be pretty happy with that.

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Hahha feels like it yeah. Just reporting from the guy who claims to have seen the line up.

If you could also report Pulp, Bjork, Flaming Lips, Death Grips and Converge that would be lovely.

“I’ve seen the Primavera lineup”
is music’s version of
“My uncle works at Nintendo”


Still needs more Frank Ocean

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You can still find him on efestivals defending every move they make. Not sure how much Primavera are paying him

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Will have to be a few years and an incredible lineup before I can be tempted back to this, I think. Even if the leaked lineup was correct, nah.

So sad how many people seem to be put off by last year :confused:

Loads of good reasons why THats the case, but since I had 2 amazing days and one fine but stressed day, I really ended up with pretty fond memories of it all tbh (even if I never want to do that first night again)

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