Primavera Porto 2019

I’ve been to the Barcelona one plenty but never Porto.

Can anyone tell me if there are gigs before and after the festival itself like in Barcelona?

Not last year nope
Actually that’s a lie - there was a fatboy slim dj set in the city, totally free to the public. Would be chaos with the football crowds there tho this year.

They’ve always had some free outdoor gigs in the town the day before the festival when I’ve been there.

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Anything good?

Depends on your taste I guess! Think it’s more likely to be local bands on those days but I could be talking rubbish :woman_shrugging:
Porto is a lovely place to spend a few evenings in, gigs or no, though.

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Fuck sake, just looked up the massive football thing you speak of. It’s making the flights really expensive, plus it will be plenty busy with football goons (fans). That has put me off going.

Yeah, I booked tickets about two months ago and having a nightmare with flights now! I am sure the festival will still be great though.

Pretty worried about the footballl fans too though…they will be in every pub…every food place…including Dutch and English fans, renowned bellends when travelling for football. Plus even from Amsterdam (where I live currently) the flights are over 400 quid each.

Go to Barcelona instead!

I wish. Working unfortunately…oil rig so can not get out of it.

:cry: hope you find some not too pricey flights soon.
Porto itself is lovely and pretty cheap.

It’s more the principle of it putting me off…if they were usually that price I wouldnt be bothered. The place being rammed with football fans is putting me off more at this point however.

This is now worrying me

Considering the festival itself would be largely unaffected, doubt i’d be that bothered…However, since i’ve never been to Portugal I would have been looking forward to going out to pubs and all that in the city. The football pish would put a dampener on that for me personaly.

Has everyone tried flying into Lisbon instead? The trains are only 2-3 hours, cheap and its a nice ride.
Manchester to Lisbon is only £80 return if you leave on Sunday, for example


Aye, did have a look. It’s worth considering.

It might be okay. The England v Netherlands game is being held in Guimares… Touch wood Porto will only be awash with Swiss football fans…

Yeah! You’re right. Thought it was all around Porto. That could be far enough away to curb annoyance.

Guimares is a really nice place me and my wife went there after the first Porto Primavera in 2012. I wouldn’t have thought the Football Ground there is very big.

Also do they not do the gigs at Hard Club anymore Kindness was particularly excellent when we went?

Get the train all the way from London! Highly recommended - stop in Paris for breakfast, dinner on the Spanish/French border and then drink wine in the dining car before falling asleep and waking up in Lisbon. Lovely day there doing some exploring before a two hour train up to Porto.