Primavera Sound 2022

Same :woman_shrugging:

10/10 set

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Phoenix would be a decent shout for the bands everyone got over quickly thread. Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix had a decent amount of hype in the UK, but I think it was one of the biggest breakout albums of the entire late-00s/early-10s indie boom in the US. I was travelling around America at that time at 1901 and Lisztomania were inescapable. Absolutely everywhere. Obviously fairly huge in France too.

Then they took a big break between albums, the next one was met with a lukewarm reception, and that was it for their flirt with the mainstream. But I think they can coast by on pretty much any millennial indie music fan in Europe being able to name a few of their songs for a while.

Think I sacked off all the headliners that night and went off into the South East corner.

I think they’re probably going to just coast at a similar level to Interpol: recognisable name with a bit of nostalgia, good/fun live band, will play a solid few bangers you know, probably will shift a few tickets from their own hardcore fans. There’s a lot of mileage in just being a reliable Brixton Academy-sized undercard booking at these sorts of festivals.


I’ve seen Phoenix play 3 festivals, including their headline at Primavera in 2013 and have been really impressed with them each time. I’ve enjoyed their records but they really bring the songs to life live. I know the one album they’ve released since 2013 wasn’t that great, but again their second stage headline set at APE on that tour was top notch.


Yeah, that was the year they also headlined Primavera. I saw a bit of their Primavera set but left because was near the back of a massive crowd, so was very surprised to see how much less of a draw they were in the UK.

Always got the impression they were bigger in the states than they were in UK? They headlined Coachella on the album after WAP (lol) and that was fairly well received I think. Might be wrong with this one though.

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Different country and will be 4 years since then but neither were headliners at All Points East 2018. Yeah Yeah Yeahs seemed to bring in one of the biggest crowds of the weekend despite a mid-afternoon slot on a stacked day. Phoenix decidedly less so (though their crowd seemed well up for it)

Yeah that was my point. Briefly huge in the US, popular in France, a few well known tracks among indie fans elsewhere.

Think the association with Daft Punk and Sofia Coppola did em a few favours at the point that album came out.

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Ride announced for Weekend 2 + city gig on 8th.


Announce more weekend 1 stuff you cowards.


Sorry, we’re just getting ten extra shows from Za!, one for every stage. Enjoy!

I thought Les Savy Fav were playing weekend 2 as well as weekend 1 but think I must’ve made this up. Pretty gutted as they’re my favourite band.

Both weekends now fully sold out, at increased 80k daily capacity.

Going to be really weird this isn’t it?


Can’t believe they were able to do the ticket transfer for all existing ticket holders without holding a lot of tickets back, and think there’ll be a lot available through the waiting list (in fact, I think they’d be doing the normal resale platform rather than having a waiting list at all if it was truly sold out)

If anyone is organised, Opodo have a “Prime” sale on today. You can book flights from London for £50 (before Ryanair fees obvs)

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Out of interest do you know what the daily capacity used to be?
By 2019 found it was almost too full at the main stages at times

Someone once told me it was 50k that was about 2016 ish. Don’t know if they were right mind.

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