Primavera Sound 2024

You know what? After this year, I’m once again getting tickets to the Barcelona edition when they go on sale tomorrow. What about you, spring chickeny huns?


Bought presale Porto tickets the other day. Want to say they got me because I’m on holiday right now anyway (also I was in a bar) but they were basically half the general price, so how could I not?

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Will also be picking up a Barcelona ticket today, might take a quick look at hotel options as well to try and get something in a decent location.

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went to buy- do we already have the code from this year, somewhere? or they going to send us the code today?

You have to go on the AccessTickets app, open your 2023 ticket and there’s a section in there with the code for 2024

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thank you very much!

My mate’s put his wedding on the Thursday for Barcelona next year ffs :melting_face:

(probably still gonna go on the Friday and Saturday and then might decide to finally take the plunge and do Porto the following weekend to make up for missing Thursday in Barcelona :partying_face:)

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The 2024 F1 calendar is out and the Spanish Grand Prix…….does not clash with Primavera.


Snapped and bought a 2023 ticket holders early bird. I’ve said I’m buying it just in case but I’ll inevitably go again :sweat_smile:


Going to do Porto this year because it’s preposterously cheap and I’ve never been to Porto before. Already excited for the first badly photoshopped posters to start dropping.

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Wonder if this means two in Barca then or just one weekend (and porto)

Not going to do two in Barcelona. The last one didn’t sell out, and they’ve already announced the dates this year. You also can’t just spring up a second date of a festival with that many artists during the summer. If there was a second date we’d know

Travis Scott playing Wembley apparently so imagine he’s likely

The relentless, capitalist throwing-shit-at-the-wall-and-seeing-what-sticks continues: looks like they’ll be trying one in Turin next year

I think we’re getting some names at the end of November - Gabi’s been answering questions on the official PS forums.

Flights from London to Barcelona are already £££. Booked flights to Madrid instead. If you book via Vueling, some Iberia flights show up even cheaper than on Iberia’s own website. Got a return including checked bags for £123.50. Could have had the basic fare for under €100. There are enough low cost trains between Madrid and Barcelona.

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Missed all of this. Maybe we should put on a festival because we all predicted Madrid would be shit the millisecond it was announced.

Turin kind of makes sense since they had C2C do a stage this year so they have in with Turin.

If they want to expand they really should continue down the South American route don’t see the need (beyond money obvs) for another big festival in Europe plus I don’t particularly know what major city would accommodate these days or want one.