Primavera Sound 2024

I think that’s the best Primavera line-up since the good old days, but maybe it just speaks to me


Good old days being 2022?

joking aside i don’t agree that it’s similar to last year’s!

Not sure what’s that different, tbh. Just looks like any Primavera lineup since they started considering gender balance.

It’s all very subjective i guess. It just feels like a 2009-era line up where last year’s one didn’t, it felt like it was trying to be all things to everyone.

Just looks like a similar selection of whoever is touring the circuit. I guess I’d need specifics to agree either way.

Reading the efestival thread and it’s loads of people complaining about The Smile not being on the line-up, I mean they just seem like a standard side-project kind of thing idk, hardly worth losing the rag about

As mentioned above, it’s a comedy goldmine. Posters™️ taking Announcement Day off work. Game Day. HWFG

And as regards The Smile - simply turn that frown upside down!

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I take sadistic joy in watching people get mad over festival line ups in the comments.

last thought I promise but the whole ‘no headliners’ thing when Pulp, Lana and PJ Harvey are all artists that people would pay silly money to see on their own

They weren’t mind-blowing at all in '22

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I bought an early bird ticket for this for 230 euros but can’t go now (might do Porto instead). Anyone want to make an offer for it? I can transfer it via the Access ticket app.

I bought a Porto ticket and booked a room in the worst hotel in Matosinhos

Anyone got any advice of best places to stay in Porto? I might soft book a hotel and was thinking of going quite centrally so I could have a good look around the city but the festival site seems quite far away from the city centre

We stayed in the city when we did it. Easy enough to get a cab back and tram out there.


Last year I stayed at Hotel Moov Centro, which was fine. I actually walked all the way to the festival one day, but it took about 2 hours. No issues booking an Uber after the festival, waited max 15 mins and cost about 20 euros back.

This year I’m going to try Matosinhos, which is a 15 minute walk from the festival and sounds like a nice little fishing village. The hotel I’ve booked does sound pretty ropey, but it was £142 for a twin room for 3 nights, which is silly cheap.

I’m working with a guy from Porto currently, and he said:

Well, the area around Primavera is kinda “rich” / expensive… You will have less to do during the day, it is a more relaxed zone.

But on the other hand, you are closer to the sea, sea food is great in Matosinhos… And you can enjoy the sun (if any ) near the beach, do some walking around… and even get to the centre of Porto using the metro / bus. The bus ride is pretty scenic if you go trough “Foz” (all the way near the coast line… and then the river line)

The car traffic is crazy at some hours during the week.

Personally i love Matosinhos and the surrounding area (Foz do Douro)

So all in all, it will depend on your expectations and what you hope to do…

If you just want great food, relax time and Primavera, then Matosinhos is the best option!

If you want night life, get to see some museums, wider offer of food type, etc… then Porto

He also gave me this map with some notes on it:

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Matosinhos and Foz are nice places to stay. The former is on the tram line if you want to get into the city centre, and the latter is on the bus route also runs through the night from the festival site.

If you like seafood then Matosinhos would be my pick. There are usually quite a few apartments around there to stay in via or vrbo.

I would stay in one of those two areas rather than the city centre, I think.

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He’s missed off the best bit - the port wine cellars on the south bank of the river!

Ooh that sounds attractive

My top Porto tip is to hop on the vintage tram from the old town to Foz do Duoro, and wander up the coast to the site from there. You’ll go via Europe’s top mini-golf courses, good-time beachfront bars, a top-secret best-in-the-world pizza place and just general good times. Won’t take long, and it’s just bloody lovely.

Matosinhos is a bit more umm… vibey, but fans of mega-fresh fish, surfer-dudes, and fisherman-friendly grot-bars will not go away disappointed, and it’s super-cheap.

God, Porto’s brilliant.

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