Primavera Sound 2024

Decent enough line up, imo. I’ve seen most of the big acts before, and there’s nothing I’m overwhelmingly excited about, but then again there’s already enough stuff on there for me to know I’m going to have to make decisions about clashes. Will be nice to see Deftones for the first time in over a decade, and interesting to see Beth Gibbons listed, especially so high up - Has she done any other of her own ‘solo’ stuff apart from the Rustin Man collaboration 20 years ago?


Didn’t Gibbons do something with an orchestra a few years back?

Yeah, she sang Gorecki’s 3rd with a Polish orchestra. It’s a wonderful piece of music and she sang it well, but it seems a bit odd that she’d do that at a festival.

edit: apparently that was recorded nine years ago now, too.


That could be a national song name though

9 years ago, fucking hell. Time means nothing anymore


Enjoying the posts on eFestivals about how it’s a terrible lineup because they didn’t get Air or The Smile. That forum is fucking comedy gold.

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enjoy DJ Fart In The Club at Primavera!


Really been into hate-browsing the Glastonbury section of that forum recently. Especially after they pushed the ticket sale date back by a couple of weeks, comedy gold that day.

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Need to have a browse while running reports tomorrow so.

This was my favourite from the Primavera thread, just stunning.

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This is someone over the age of 35 trying to keep up with the youth and telling everyone who will listen about it.

Do they post on here?


I say as I refer to a £265 ticket not including travel and accommodation costs.

Book DJ Fart in the Club and still get complaints you’re not down with the kids - can’t win


Love shit like this, would love to see the examples of bands they come up with in all the genres because the top of all of those genres wouldn’t be gettable at a decent rate and you’re not gonna get people flying in from all over to watch bad bunny, burna boy, black pink when the rest of the artists don’t fit with the vibe or maybe they would and nobodies going to watch the other hundreds of bands

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Good lineup but don’t think I can do the Barcelona weekend so will probably do Porto again - surely it can’t piss down for 3 days again?

Would absolutely pay for a t-shirt emblazoned with the slogan “generation specific mediocrity”


Or worse - piss it down for 2 days then be 30 degrees so that big new stage smelt like a sewer

This could easily be a DiS post tbh

Don’t think it’s a vibe issue tbh (both Bad Bunny and Burna Boy played it relatively recently but are probably too big to do so again), more that this weirdo is annoyed that there’s a load of stuff he hasn’t heard of. People like Troye Sivan and Milo J are fucking massive but not really the kind of stuff you’d come across if you only listened to the more traditional Primavera fare.

It’s close, but it’s the general melodrama and hysteria that separates a lot of the posts on efestivals from here imo.


Reminds me of Kinesis