"Prince" Andrew allegations (CW: Sexual abuse, abuse of power, and more)

Thought we could do with a separate thread for this, as it carries with it so much more in terms of the royal family etc and is relevant in many more ways than as “just” a consequence of Epstein & Maxwell cases.

Some jokes are fine but keep it civil please :pray:


Thick as mince, freeloaded his whole life probably more than anyone else on the Civil List. Hopefully this won’t end with a $$$ payment and a confidentiality agreement

I know there’s loads of memes and jokes and that but it still makes my fucking blood boil every time I see that photograph. Hope Giuffre bleeds him of every penny she can and lives the rest of her life in the kind of comfort he’s been accustomed to, and he eeks out the rest of his as a miserable disgrace who nobody wants to know.


Has anyone looked properly into the Swiss chalet he’s now flogging? Whole thing is so suspect.

He apparently has an annual income of £20k but somehow bought a £15m holiday home (did he really save up £15m from the allowance his mum gives him?) then he spent years in dispute because he didn’t pay the final £5m he owed on it until last week when he magically found the £5m.

So who’s gifting him all this money/giving him private loans and what is he giving them for it?


This doesn’t really answer any of your questions, but reports suggest that about £6m was funded by him and his ex-wife as a couple (this is the part that was delayed by years and somehow paid last week like you said) while the rest was mortgage funded. His pension is about £20k and supposedly his allowance is around £250k.

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A €16 million chalet even in Switzerland must be absolutely absurd, even accounting for both Swiss and skiing prices.

He definitely doesn’t have enough friends to make proper use of that.

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I remember when he sprayed a paintgun over a load of press reporters and smudgers in the mid 80s, ruining equipment and clothes in the process. Came across even then as a hapless chancer swanning about wrecking the place for yucks.

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never see royals with their surname just title and first name, is he just Andrew now or Andrew Windsor?

Still a prince I think, just lost the HRH designation.

I think if he had a credit card or similar he could use Andrew York, or Andrew Mountbatten-Windsor


ah, I took the ‘formally known as prince’ jokes too literally

Says in the BBC explainer that he is still HRH really, it’s just that it won’t be used (I guess in the same way that Camilla is Princess of Wales but just doesn’t use the title)

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It would be useful if more of the press coverage would focus on how this shows the Royal family are not these harmless figureheads who just attend charity nights and open the odd kiddy hospital.

They have a huge amount of political influence and they use it for self enrichment/indulgence. In a functioning country we would be asking bigger questions about the entire institution right now.


Didn’t somebody on here serve William in a bar when he was at university at laugh at the weird name on his card and he got all hurt and said his grandmother liked him using that name? I’m sure I remember reading that, or maybe it was twitter.

Either way, rinsing a member of the royal family to their face is a huge W


I think @Epimer may have a story like that

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Yeah it was my pal who asked him why his credit card said “William Wales” and he said “because my grandmother wanted it that way”, and she loudly (and Americanly) said “YOU MEAN THE QUEEN?!”


In the historical document that is The Crown, I’m pretty sure Charles’ fellow public school students call him Windsor.


really hate how when taxpayers money is brought up people respond ‘ACTUALLY most of their money comes from owning land’, as if that is in any way better




crown estate doesn’t even belong to them, ‘the crown’ is the state not them, got that from the tax payers alliance of all people, would expect them to make an exception for the queen

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Recently have been reading a biography involving aristo/socialite types and it’s extremely weird how they just sort of… buy property, will just casually snap up each others’ houses off each other, loan money willy nilly to mates. It’s extremely common and has been done for generations, completely at odds with the “save up for a deposit, stressful admin, won’t move for years” mentality of us proles.

When property anywhere is a sure-fire age old way to make money over time, I guess it doesn’t really matter where you park that cash as long as you’re spreading it around. If it’s a chalet in Switzerland one of your mates lives in, or a flat in London you’re renting out, it’s all the same really and just racking up value.

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