Prince Charles' paintings

the boy likes hills

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Princess Anne’s taxidermy.

  • I knew he painted and have seen some of his paintings before

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I did not know he paints. I like them

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this one’s really good, tbf


He does like painting his various residences, doesn’t he? Wonder how much mileage I could get out of repeatedly painting a small terraced house in Wales


“1978 On his first visit to Klosters, Charles and his then girlfriend Lady Sarah Spencer (Diana’s eldest sister)”


  • I knew he went out with Diana’s sister for a bit
  • He’s full of surprises

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“Mummy I think I want a Spencer for my birthday.”
“Which one, Charles?”

Wasn’t even aware she had any sisters until now.

Went to his gaff in December. He turns one floor into some sort of Christmas Market every year apparently and in 2019 we got an invite through work. He was flogging his paintings then, well expensive. Waste of an hour tbh but the wine was decent.

Harry in a wig on the left


On the left, on the left
Don’t you ever for a second get to thinking
You’re irreplaceable


It’s that Lynn Benfield* on the right?

*even as a huge fan I had to look that up.

Was really hopeful one of them was a graphic depiction of him murdering his mum

Jay-Z’s laugh


This one is so meta

Just imaging him sat at a market stall with a money tin full of tenners. Has bookmarks and greeting cards with his paintings on as well


what’s John Swinsome doing with her mits on it

hes pretty good but not as good as my grandad, and ive got a bunch of my grandads paintings but i bet people would pay more for prince charles’ paintings than my grandads. people dont know anything about art!!

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