Prince Harry's getting married


Will we get a day off for that shit?




anyone else get the guardian app notification? I thought that was a communist newspaper, man.


Pretty certain I’m not going to be invited but I can’t speak for you.


I think more news stories should rhyme (here we go)


Will I be able to get a British passport at discount rates?


Wouldn’t get paid anyway, he can get to fuck though, he literally dressed as a Nazi. Cunt.


That was my very first thought.


I hope so


I’d love it if they accidentally invited me somehow. Get leathered and heckle William’s best man speech, punch Andrew, call the kids ugly then get kicked out.


volcano warning in bali
evacuate don’t dilly-dally


Don’t think so as he’s not a king in waiting?


I’m going to mute this thread.


Ffs then what use is he?


I might be wrong. I hope I’m wrong.



the daily mail are leading with “WHY COULDN’T HE HAVE MARRIED ONE OF THESE WHITE PEOPLE?!” because they’re classy like that:




Prince Marry