Prince Philip


Twitter buzz that he’s departed from his human form and joined the great Lizard clan-ship currently orbiting Saturn, which will be officially announced this evening.

Hate it when social media gets your hopes up.


hate it when DiS does the same


Would his funeral be holiday worthy?


Thinking of heading to Greece?


absolutely!! the man’s a national treasure. we need a day of mourning.

really hope he’s dead.


This guys seems well connected and knowledgable!


He’s a literal god, I call for a global week of mourning festivities


hope he’s ok


On a Friday as well, my hopes are officially UP


It’s currently 4 minutes past 2pm where I am, and still nothing :exploding_head:


wait, shit. how do royal deaths work? does the day of mourning carry over to a weekday?


I can’t be arsed with the media coverage.
Royals have really dominated. Baby then wedding then death. Too much jesus


Let’s just keep it to the funeral and do it in the week. We don’t want a half day today. Power through you brave, brave people.


Probably nonsense.

Here’s the protocol for what happens when the queen eventually dies:

Mentions that the code for Philip dying is ‘Forth Bridge’.


I don’t think Phil would warrant one unfortunately. They cut back all this stuff a while ago, I think it’s just Madge who gets the full works.


sad that he died before becoming king


Oh no, don’t tell me Jesus died too


Why would this be embargoed? Do loads of things get embargoed?


Remember when The Sun posted that article about him being dead when there was a rumour about it a year or so ago?