Prince Thread (Rolling) - Incorporating reissue chat

No criticism of D’Angelo (he’s great). I just (perhaps unfairly) expect Prince to exist on a different plain of excellence.

Yeah, you’re putting Prince on a pedestal there. He was an incredible, wonderful, one off musical genius, but he also hasn’t released an entire record as good as any of D’Angelo’s since D emerged in the mid-90s. For 2010s Prince that single is pretty good stuff, if you ask me.

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Don’t disagree with that really (it was kind of the point I was making).

So without reading the whole thread - has the whole “vault full of killer unreleased material” been proved to be a bit of a porky pie?

No, I suspect there will be unheard material filling out every Prince reissue for decades to come. Unfortunately, instead of making any of it available to the modestly income’d Prince fan, they’ll all be hidden behind massive pay-wall box-sets as we’ve already seen with 1999 and Sign ‘O’.

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In fairness, it’s all on streaming services isn’t it? So it’s available to the people who spend least on music.

I appreciate if you want a physical copy then buying a 12-LP box or whatever is a tall order.

have been enjoying this ridiculous dog-lusting-after-cat piece lately. Pretty sure everyone who makes music has attempted to make a beat with dog barks before but none as fun as this

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Jury is still out, partly because of the way it is being released. The Purple Rain reissue had lots of unreleased stuff and the quality was almost universally incredible. The subsequent 1999 and Sign O The Times reissues have been much more of a mixed bag - the odd killer track but a lot of it a bit forgettable. There have been some stand alone releases (one of Prince alone with a piano and one of his demo versions of songs he gave to other people) which were mostly pretty amazing.

It feels a bit as if the focus is on releasing quantity, and stretching it out over multiple releases and a long period of time, to maximise profit rather than other approaches which would have been more artistically satisfying.

When it’s all out there and the dust has settled I reckon you’ll be able to parse three or four brilliant albums’ worth from the mass of material, which is still pretty impressive.


Pleasantly surprised by the “new” album. It’s not going to blow anyone away but it’s decent enough, unchallenging r’n’b and thankfully doesn’t really throw in many “down with the kids” references outside of the title track.

Also, did you know that Prince was murdered because he was going to expose Hilary Clinton’s child murdering?

This song is so terrible that it’s nearly turned me off Prince forever. The album it’s from is atrocious beyond belief.

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Somewhere between these two poles lies the truth.

Listened to it a couple more times since and Kallgeese is probably closer to be honest. I agree that Hot Summer and the track before it “1000 Light Years From Home” are proper stinkers

I probably agree. There are a couple of decent tracks but overall it’s a 6 out of 10 album if you are feeling generous, probably a 5 is closer to the mark.

I think ‘Running Game’ has some nice moments but the album overall is a proper clunker. I suppose I shouldn’t have expected anything else.

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