Prince Thread (Rolling) - Incorporating reissue chat


Haven’t listened to much post 95 so I’m interested in this. I think one of the few I’ve heard was The Rainbow Children and that’s only because a mate has a copy on vinyl!


Big fan of Musicology and 3121 from the later period stuff, so it’ll be good to have them easily available on the streaming services. Assuming that this re-issue deal will see them rocking up there too.


Among the titles included in the first phase are The Gold Experience (1995), Emancipation (1996), Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic (1999), The Rainbow Children (2001) and 3121 (2006), as well as Musicology (2004) and Planet Earth (2007), which were originally release via Sony through Columbia.


Some late period classics


Unnnghhh fucking Gold Experience reissue confirmed FINALLY OMG.




Loads of these did used to be on Spotify, but I’m pretty sure this latest upload is more comprehensive. Nice to re-explore. Anthology 95-2010 might help make things more accessible too.




Currently on Discogs for £800…

All these are being reissued on CD and vinyl next year, probably in batches.


Piano and a Microphone out today. Sounding incredible.




I mean, it’s just a bootleg of him dicking around at a piano, but it’s still amazing. Mary Don’t You Weep is brilliant.


Just listening to it for the first time - amazing.

For the first time I can hear Purple Rain as the ‘country song’ he originally thought it was.


Not really into Piano and a Microphone - such little content on it… kinda cool to listen through once, but can’t imagine going back to it. Been listening a lot to Art Official Age these past few days - man, apart from the opening tracks and the narrative bits, there’s some legit bangers on there. That track ‘Time’…