Prince Thread (Rolling) - Incorporating reissue chat

Excellent. The Versace Experience commands silly money even for bootlegs, so it’ll be nice to have a proper, official release to go alongside my Beautiful Experience and Gold Experience CDs!

Emancipation getting a rerelease is good news, too. A bit bloated (3 CDs, innit) but there’s some great stuff on it. Hopefully it’ll be uncensored, too. My copy has terrible 90s backmasking on the swears. Though given Prince’s latter-day dislike of rude words, maybe that’s a little too hopeful.


Awwwww fuck that DVD is going to be class!

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35 unreleased tracks!

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£66! Or £185 for the vinyl!

£66 for the 5 CD/1 DVD version? That’s not too awful considering you get six discs at least

£40 would be fair, and in line with other similar things I think (I’ll probably still buy it though). £11 per disc is steep.

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Looking forward to this. Going to skip the main album, edits and b-sides and crack straight into the unreleased stuff.

Pretty disappointed that they decided to put only the b-sides and remixes on the second disc of the standard edition. Not sure I can square away £60 on the super-deluxe. Just makes me wonder why they didn’t follow the pattern of the Purple Rain reissue. Guess I’m waiting for this one to drop in price.

Shit, ‘Rearrange’ is so fucking good.

‘Possessed’ is a banger too. Original version of ‘Something In The Water’ is better than the album version and this take of ‘How Come U Don’t Call Me Anymore?’ is so fucking good.

I know ‘Purple Music’ has been floating about for years but it is so good to have easy access to it. What a jam.

Anyone listened to this? Great stuff