Prince Thread (Rolling) - Incorporating reissue chat

Excellent. The Versace Experience commands silly money even for bootlegs, so it’ll be nice to have a proper, official release to go alongside my Beautiful Experience and Gold Experience CDs!

Emancipation getting a rerelease is good news, too. A bit bloated (3 CDs, innit) but there’s some great stuff on it. Hopefully it’ll be uncensored, too. My copy has terrible 90s backmasking on the swears. Though given Prince’s latter-day dislike of rude words, maybe that’s a little too hopeful.


Awwwww fuck that DVD is going to be class!

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35 unreleased tracks!

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£66! Or £185 for the vinyl!

£66 for the 5 CD/1 DVD version? That’s not too awful considering you get six discs at least

£40 would be fair, and in line with other similar things I think (I’ll probably still buy it though). £11 per disc is steep.

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