Prince Thread (Rolling) - Incorporating reissue chat

I think there have been diminishing returns. The stuff on the Purple Rain reissue was amazing in my view, the 1999 tracks were good, these ones are less exciting.


Listening to this

and all I can think is
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Does anyone know anything about The Truth, which is coming out as part of the next RSD?

Is it any good?

It was the 4th disc on the CD version of Crystal Ball. It’s years since I’ve listened to it, as my CDs are all away in boxes nowadays, but I thought it was the best disc on that release.
That being said, I thought Crystal Ball was pretty patchy.

Edit: I’ve also just seen how much the CD sells for on discogs. Unexpected.

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Can’t pretend a vault release from the later years has really got my heart racing, but would like the blu-ray of the 2011 gig.

Can’t say I’m terribly excited based on this track. I really like Art Official Age but when he sings “24 carat hashtag” is really sticks out like a sore thumb, on this he’s mentioning iphones, ipads and Google… just sort of takes me out of it a bit.

It’s ok. A bit Spartan, like it’s not super-finished production-wise. I want to say I can hear Janelle Monaé in the backing vocals but it might be wishful thinking.