Prince William has finally shaved his head


An inspiration to people with receding hairlines everywhere #thepeoplesprince


Do you think I’ll be a hit with the ladies for a short period while this is novel and exciting?





Can’t believe he got his wife’s hairdresser to do it.


No he hasn’t, he’s just had a haircut.


Hair to the throne!


Prince William (specifically, not a generalisation for men with receding hairlines)

  • A good-looking chap
  • No oil painting

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I heard he’s getting tramlines


Harry better looking IMO. Powerful jaw and dense beard growth.



Proper buzz cut is the only way to go here. He’s left too much on the sides.


Is that scar real? Where’d he get that?




That life of total and utter luxury has really aged him. Looks a mess. A lesson for us all of the possible cost of breaking from a life of servitude


chickened out of the classic adidas 3 stripe on the side there.


hair today, throne tomorrow


He looks ill. Quite comforting to think our monarch’s going to look like a ballbag though.


it’s the fucking WORST middle ground. like he’s clippered with a number 4 then let it grow a couple days. it’s what i look like when i’m being lazy. it’s fucking horrible,


Nobody mentioning that he paid £180 for it? Or was that just made up?


Jeezo, 100%, really? I think he’s a very good looking guy!

EDIT: Sorry ccb, this isn’t aimed at you obvs, just surprised at the poll!