Prince William thinks there are too many humans


He might be right but I think he has kids

Why don’t we eat him


He said it doing that exact face too


Thought he breeded asexually by splitting


Specifically, there are too many humans in Africa, which is a really grubby thing to say.


*too many Africans

Truly his grandfathers grandson


Aye, not enough lizards though I’m sure.


“Prince William warned overpopulation could put wildlife at risk at London charity gala.”

just at the gala, mind.


hate him but i’m pretty sure overpopulation is a thing


He could put some of them up in his spare room(s).


Think it’s mainly politics tbh. Loads of room in like, Monmouthshire.
Loads of food going about too.
Probably accelerate climate change but think we’ve already screwed that pooch, frankly.


yeah but people have the right to expect SOME living standards


IMO not overpopulation per se, but ageing populations/ inequality in population/ all of us eating meat and that.


I know it’s Vox and whatever but largely agree with this



There’s not that many DiS kids are there? I think we’re all doing our bit.


Yeah I was imagining that he’d booked a thousand kittens for his gala (becuase everyone loves kittens right) and only now has he realised that he’s invited all his hoorah friends and their inbred cousins and there might be stamping issues.



Mo’ Manny, Mo’ Problems


yeah, not something you can really say when you have/are about to have 3 kids, is it? stupid cunt.
Having 2 and saying it is fine.


I want to read his comments for myself in the original context so I understand what he was getting at. Oh wait a minute - no I fucking don’t! WHAT A CUNT.