Princes tuna is absolute muck

John West tuna - get in my belly.

Glad we’re all agreed.

Princes @Tuna

Just buy whichever is on offer, innit.

Usually just have the own brand one tbh. Tinned tuna is tinned tuna.


John West tuna isnt dolphin friendly

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Princes Tuna Flakes (not chunks) - nightmarish baby food

Don’t even like tinned tuna

Well la Dr da, Mr only eats tuna fillets


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Apart from the value ‘tuna flakes’. That stuff is a bit grim.

Strongly endorse this opinion.

Also sunflower oil > water > brine

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Correct, Aggpass.

Correct again.

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I bet john cage could’ve figured out a way of tuning a fish


This is just silly, mate.

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Tinned Mackerel fillets >>> canned tuna

Generally imo

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Apparently the only one you get the omega oil from is the water one which is a shame as it’s the worst

brine - objectively the nicest
sunflower oil - feels like a healthier option, feel better about yourself buying this one
water - tried it once and it seemed like it removed absolutely all taste from the tuna. bland and bad. willing to give it another go though.


I mean, it quite clearly tastes a lot better than brine, though, doesn’t it.

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I’m sure someone’s been wronger about something on here before.


Eating fish out a tin is pretty grim guys, doesn’t matter what the brand is or what liquid it’s in. :nauseated_face:

You know what I mean.