Princess Diana

She’s back! In Pog form!

No, it’s very nearly the 20th anniversary of her death, and I’m already fucking overwhelmed and infuriated by the level of universal coverage the occasion in getting. Fuck off already.

Where were you when you heard the news? It was the day my family moved to Wales (and she was the Princess of Wales! Spooky!) and my dad who was meant to help us move in had to go to the office all day. All the normal programmes were messed up with coverage. One of the shittest days I’d ever experienced.

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first I’ve heard of it


haha nice ruse hyg snr

Don’t remember it, sorry.

FFS, I want to fight your Dad even more now. Bang out of order, what the hell is wrong with that guy!?

it was days and days before anything came back on the telly, wasn’t it. proper grim.


Btw, Princess who?

was living in London - got up late very hungover and found out when I put the TV on

Great story

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It was the day before we were heading off on our first LADS holiday after our A levels.

We managed to spend the whole week in the sun and in nightclubs and missed all of the fuss and the funeral.

I can definitely recommend getting out of the country whenever a major event involving the Royal Family happens.

Most ridiculous instance of public hysteria/over-reaction ever seen in the UK. A very sad thing to happen but… really?


I remember listening to the radio in the early hours on Sunday morning that there was a serious car accident and how she was was unknown. Like most , I woke up to the news on TV that she died.

Two young boys losing their mum is a horrific thing. I can’t imagine anything worse. Endless speculation on how they might be feeling, how they should react in accordance with protocol etc. Horrible.

Nonetheless, Britain went into some weird collective hysteria for two weeks after her death. I got the impression people were comparing how sad they were at her death to make them seem a nicer compassionate person that the next.

Blair’s response to her death after his landslide win cemented him also as a “people’s person”.

Odd couple of weeks.


I remember it well as

a) It was my mums birthday
b) An older cousin had a baby.

my mum woke me up to tell me. I was hungover and went back to sleep.

Spent most of the rest of the week working as a contract cleaner: the radio was mostly appalling but at least dEUS was on regular rotation on R1.

got up to watch cartoons and they had a “something important has happened - turn on the news” message on the screen

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I remember that I got out of bed, tried to get some kind of grip on my emotions and feelings, and then said:

"I’d better go out and get a life-size inflatable model of E.T.

You know… for the gates of her home."


I remember thinking at the time that Blair had played an absolute blinder. Subsequent events have proved that he was just a chancing cunt

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shit moody music on the radio all day
overwhelming repetitive mush on the telly

was a Sunday as well wasn’t it? So the worst day of the week anyway…

still find the love and mad coverage for her a bit well, odd.

Obviously terrible for the kids to lose their mum, and in a way they have such a privileged existence that the issues they faced as a one parent type family are very different to your usual family whilst still experiencing the same emotions. Must have been such an odd time for all of them…seem to have turned out well enough though hey?

hold on… BLAIR ordered the hit?


It was shit. The media went on a full-on North Korea-stye meltdown. I honestly don’t think it’ll get that bad when (if?) the queen dies.

You’re getting him confused with Prince Phillip