Princess Diana

Got a vague memory of tv being interrupted. Mum and Dad didn’t really care though so it wasn’t interrupted for too long

Oh shit yeah; I’ll Be Missing You by Puff Diddly

I think The Hudsucker Proxy was on Channel Four that night. That was the first time I’d seen it. Great film.

I remember it well. I woke up, got out of bed, calmed down my grief and then went out to get a lifesize inflatable model of ET to put outside Kensington Palace

Was just annoyed that kids tv wasn’t on in the morning.

And it seems to me like she lived her life like a candle in the wind, slowly melting.

I was on holiday in the Philippines and didn’t know until a few days after.

elton john released a tribute single that everyone in the country bought.

seems fucking mental thinking about it now, eh?


still like doing the rap/speaky bit along to that…

I’ll probably watch the documentary on Sunday actually out of nothing but a bit of pointless nostalgia and for a bit of a reminder of it all.

The time surrounding her death was genuinely a batshit time. Definitely one of those times that was just as nuts, if not even more nuts, as/than you remember it being.

Only 5 days until a much more significant 20th anniversary:


It spent three years in the Top 20 in Canada too.

If there was one thing that fucked me off more any other, it was the critical breakdown of them walking next to her coffin. I remember quite a few media commentators criticising them for not looking sad enough?!?! Fucking ridiculous reactions from the press all week long.

Wonder what it’d be like if she’d lived
Probably be on celebrity big brother or something.

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Loose Women

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Came downstairs that day and my parents sat me down and broke the news to me, like it was some massive tragedy and I’d be really upset. They were devastated.

I was like “oh” and then went round to my mate’s house.

We got stoned and watched his VHS recording of Helen Daniels dying in Neighbours.

  • Horrible Accident
  • Definitely somehow set up by the Queen/the feds/internal affairs

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honestly remember hoping he’d play some lion king music during the funeral


I’d been at a wedding the day before, for a friend I have since lost touch with. In fact I’ve lost touch with everyone related to that gang. I’m not blaming that SPECIFICALLY on Princess Diana, but feels like a coincidence.

Anyway, I had slept at someones house, and I remember my friend coming down the stairs and excitedly telling me the news. And oh how we were probably a little insensitive about it all. After that we all had breakfast, and as the family were vegan there was no butter for toast, or milk for coffee. I remember being struck at the disparity between this life respecting decision to avoid all animal products, and the glee on hearing the bloody death of a young mum.

original script for four weddings and a funeral needed a lot of work.