Printing / graphic design question #ssp

I need to get a few funeral order of services printed. I can do the design work on Word but want them to be decent (colour/card/good quality) and with fast shipping. Anyone got an online company they recommend for this type of job? Sadly it’s only for a handful of copies too, so none of your 100+ minimum order places please.

Thanks x

Sorry to hear that. The TV is a designer and says he’s used before and they’re good.

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If you need any help with formatting / design etc drop me a message and I’m sure he’d happily help too x

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Vistaprint or have been my usual go tos for quick and cheap work… Not sure if they’ll print from word though , not if they’re covid affected- I’ve always given them illustrator files.

Hope you manage to get something sorted. x

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Yep I’ve used them before as well and they’re fine

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thanks all!


I’ve used solopress a fair bit and they are usually pretty good - don’t think they have a minimum order (not sure tho)

They have always been very responsive if I have ever had any questions about anything

I think lots of them are much of a muchness really. If you can export out as pdf from word then you should be fine.

yeah PDF is no bother, or could ask our friendly designers at work to help if need anything more fancy.

thanks everyone for the recommendations, i’ll look into it tomorrow

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