Printing query

Oh yes.

Is there really that much difference in appearance between Digital and Litho print?

It’s for a brochure if that helps give context. Litho’s double the price. I get that it’s gonna be glossier and look nicer. But will it look THAT much nicer to the person on the street?




litho sounds so much warmer than digital


yes it will look a lot nicer.

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What sort of print run you looking at?

And what is this brochure for?

200 copies. Handing out at an open day primarily.

No wonder litho printing’s twice the price for that sort of run. Litho printing’s better for huge print runs because you get both the quality and the economies of scale because most of the cost is in the setting up of the plates in the first place.

Depends how important it is that it looks super good. My recommendation would be to get it done digitally and to spend a bit more money on the paper - get a heavier paper stock with a silk finish or something.

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I can use the printer in work if you want. £20 for the lot, I’ll print in colour and everything. Got some pretty nice office A4 paper as well.


Yeah, this is primarily something for digital circulation - physical copies very much secondary.

Ok - cheers!


Agreed with the general consensus. Litho would look better but not worth the cost for that run.

Save the money and have a decent lunch.

Cheers guys!

Key thing that’s missing is what the brochure’s going to be used for. If you’re handing it out to 200 wealthy dignitaries in the hope they’re going to give you £££ then yeah by all means max out on print costs - litho print, embossing, full personalisation, the works.

yeah, not that

tbh mate they’re probably going to go straight in the bin. i’d probably go with @SenorDingDong’s offer

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Decent case study here is something like I dunno UKIP election campaign literature. It’s always appallingly designed, printed on appalling quality silk paper of the lowest available weight but… that appeals to a certain kind of person don’t it.

It’s a compilation of my favourite ericthefourth posts, for handing out at DiSCon 2017


dunno if half a page counts as a brochure in that case


All the more reason