Printing Recommendations

Hello and hi,

I’m currently researching various places to get some illustrations printed and would really very very much appreciate any recommendations/experiences all you talented artsy folk out there might have.

I’m interested in all types, whether it’s Digital, Risograph, Giclee… even screen printing, seriously, just tell me about all of them, this part of the process always really stresses me out so the more info the better.

ALSO, what about printing on products? Has anyone ever had a batch of cups printed, t-shirts, enamel pins etc etc?

DOUBLE ALSO has anyone ever had something printed themselves and then sent it off to be laser cut?

I realise this is the kind of thing I just need to research the fuck out of but I thought I’d throw the question out there into the void just in case some of you have had the most over the top best experience of their lives with a particular place. Getting that final product back can be the best thing ever or the most disappointing…


Hm, i think anything is helpful really! If it’s not a total faff for you send me some links and I’ll have a gander.

I’ve had laser cutting done here. They made some rubber stamps for me but they can do all sorts.

For general stuff with a nice finish, these guys are great.

Risograph printing.

Though about printing on newsprint? Pretty good value and these guys are excellent.

Not done loads of screenprinting, but I did a course here a while back and used my time to print some wedding invites.

The last time I needed to print something though, I just bought nice paper from Shepherds in Holborn and stuck it through a printer at a printshop in Archway. Looked great.

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My brother has had a load of limited runs of stuff printed.

He might recommend you some if you ask him here:

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Amazing thank you!!! Generation Press look incredible and they do foiling :heart_eyes: squeeee!!

I was actually just having a rummage around print club and out of complete laziness thought I’d have a gander at how much it would cost for them to do some screen printing for me… yeah, reckon I should just get my arse into gear and do it myself :blush: That’s so cool you printed your own wedding invites!!

I actually printed someone elses at Print Club. I did mine own ones at a place called Blush - totally slipped my mind.

I did the envelopes and and insert at that place in Archway I mentioned. Nice glossy, crisp laser printing on thick parcel packing style paper. Looked good (IMHO).

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